Born in the USA. Buyers Products’ engineering, manufacturing and assembly takes place in the USA, where they were founded in 1946. By staying on the cutting edge of innovation and offering incredible value, Buyers Products is a trusted name in truck, trailer, and snow & ice equipment nationwide, growing from a modest distributor of truck parts into a leader in the truck equipment industry.

Keeping you covered, at a great value. The minds at Buyers Products stand behind their brands. A strong family of companies works together to offer the broadest range of products in the industry. By designing, fabricating, forging, rotationally molding and powder-coating components in house, Buyers leads the industry in providing value to their customers.

Built tough by the experts. Buyers Products and the tireless workers within it pride themselves in being both durable and dependable. Things get done the right way: designing and building products as if they’re building them for themselves. Buyers’ many departments are staffed with not only engineers, but with real-life product users, equipped with understanding how their products are supposed to work, and putting forth the effort to ensure each product is exceptional.

Knowing what you’ll want tomorrow. Buyers is are always re-designing processes, products and materials to keep up with the ever-demanding world we live in. Their state-of-the-art engineering facilities house new product development and prototyping, allowing for an efficient transition from the drawing board to the showroom. Buyers Products will not let up, because the world will not slow down.

From Snow and Ice Equipment, to Truck Tool Boxes, to Hydraulics, Towing and Lighting, and anything else you could need for your truck, Buyers has it. If you’re ready for a complete, cost-effective upfit for your vehicle, fill out a quote request form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


ALL SNOWDOGG SNOW PLOWS: Truck And UTV Snow Plows, Skid-Steer Snow Plows, Municipal Snow Plows, Snow Plow Lift Frames and Power Units, SnowDogg Plow Lights, Snow Plow Headlight Adapters, Snow Plow Vehicle Mounts, and Snow Plow Accessories. Discontinued Snow Plows still have parts available in most cases.


ALL SALTDOGG SPREADERS: Tailgate Spreaders, Pick-Up Truck Hopper Spreaders (3/4 to 2 Cubic Yards), Mid-Size Hopper Spreaders (2-1/2 to 5-1/2 Cubic Yards), Municipal Spreaders (6 Cubic Yards and Larger), Under Tailgate Spreaders, Replacement Tailgate Spreaders, MDS Combination Dump Spreaders, Walk-Behind Spreaders, Anti-ice Systems, Spreader Pre-Wet Systems, Anti-Ice or Pre-Wet Parts and Accessories, Spreader Parts and Accessories. Discontinued Spreaders still have parts available in most cases.


ALL SCOOPDOGG SNOW PUSHERS: Backhoe Snow Pushers, Compact Snow Pushers, Loader Snow Pushers, Skid-Steer Snow Pushers, and Snow Pusher Accessories.


ALL DUMPERDOGG INSERTS: DumperDogg Dump Inserts, DumperDogg Roll Tarp Kits, DumperDogg Replacement Tailgate Spreaders, and Accessories.


ALL TRUCK TOOL BOXES: Underbody Truck Tool Boxes, Pro Series Truck Tool Boxes, Crossover Truck Tool Boxes, Gull Wing Truck Tool Boxes, Storage Chests, Topsider Truck Tool Boxes, Trailer Tongue Boxes, Lo-sider/Rail Truck Tool Boxes, Backpack Truck Tool Boxes, Tunnel Truck Tool Boxes, Step Boxes and Frame Steps, Specialty Truck Tool Boxes.


ALL LIGHTING: DOT Lights, Warning Lights, Work Lights, Light Boxes, Snow Plow Lights, Reflectors/Conspicuity Tape, Lighting Harnesses and Plugs, Lighting Bezels and Grommets, Lighting Mounts, Brackets, Guards, Bulbs and Flash Tubes.


ALL ELECTRICAL: Backup Camera Systems and Accessories, Backup Alarms, Battery Adapters, Circuit Breakers, Meters, Roadside Assistance Equipment, Electrical Switches, Junction Boxes, Solenoids and Motors, and Fuse Holders.


ALL TOWING: Combination Hitches, Pintle Hooks, Swivel-Type Pintle hooks, Air-Compensated Pintle Hooks, Pintle Hook Mounts, Ball Mounts, Couplers, Drawbars and Lunette Eyes, Electrical Components for Towing, Gooseneck Hitch Accessories, Hitch Balls, Hitch Pins, Hitch Plates and ICC Bumpers, Receiver Hitches, Trailer Jacks, King Pins, Receiver Tubes, Accessories, Towing Hooks, and Weight Distribution.


ALL TRUCK AND TRAILER HARDWARE: Wheel Chocks, Mud Flaps, Dump Body Hardware, Conduit Carriers, Cone Holders, Door Checks and Props, Door Locks and Handles, Grab Handles, Clamps, Carriers, Holders, Hinges, Hood Catches and Draw Latches, Landscape Trailer Accessories, Lock Cylinders, Pins, Security Hasps, Bumper Guides, Stake Body Hardware, Suspension Kits, U-Bolts and Tie-Down Rods, Steps and Tread, Assorted Hardware, Nylon Cable Ties, Trailer Outriggers, Rubber Bumpers.


ALL HYDRAULICS: Reservoirs, Gauges, Sensor Kits, Central Hydraulic Systems, Filters and Filter Kits, Valves, Pumps, Motors, DC Power Units, Fittings, Couplers, Clamps, Hoses, Return Line Accessories, Welding Flanges, Wetline Kits, and PTOs.


ALL TARPS: Electric Side Mount Tarp Systems, Electric Underbody Spring-Mount Tarp Systems, Crank Arm Tarp Systems, Manual Pull-Style Tarp Systems with Spring Assist, Manual Dump Tarp Systems, Tarp Material, Tarp System Parts, Aftermarket Tarp Gear Motors.


ALL CARGO CONTROL: D-Rings, Rope Rings, Eye Bolts, Tarp Straps, Cargo Control Parts, Tie-Down Straps, E-Track, Hardware and Accessories.


ALL TRUCK EQUIPMENT: LiftDogg Lift Gates, Electric Winches, Fenders and Accessories, Kabgard Headache Racks, Bulk Storage Tanks, ATV/UTV All-Season Spreaders, Clamps, Carriers, Holders, Racks, Work Wear, Cone Holders, Wheel Chocks, and Outrigger Pads.


ALL CABLES AND CONTROLS: Control Cables, Remote Valve Control Systems, Push-Pull Shift Systems, Rod Ends and Yoke Ends, Pump and PTO Connection Kits, Knobs and Hardware, Ball Joints and Rod End Bearings, Nylon Cable Ties, Parts and Accessories.


ALL PNEUMATICS: Air Control Valves, Consoles, Tailgate Control, Air Shift Cylinders, D.O.T. Air Fittings, Parts and Accessories.


ALL PTO DRIVELINE: Universal Joint Assemblies, Yokes, U-Joints, Journal Assemblies, Crosses, Shaft Assemblies, Bearings, Grease Fittings, Key Stock, Set Screws, Shaft Adapters, Solid Shafting, and Splined Stub Inserts.

This is a very small overview of the products Buyers Products Co. has to offer. For a complete selection of their products, and a full list of details, check out Buyers’ website.

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