In 1992, two of the former owners of Jerr-Dan Corporation opened a new manufacturing company, TruckCraft Corporation, dedicated to providing high quality, niche products to the light truck industry. Starting with only two products, TruckCraft has now grown to eight classes of products.


TruckCraft builds bodies and equipment for the market comprised of pickup trucks up to, and including Class 5 one-tons. While marketing through a network of 145 dealers with more than 160 locations in the U.S. and Canada, TruckCraft remains devoted to innovation and quality excellence, and continually strive to develop niche products to fill market needs and provide world-class customer service.

If you are looking for TruckCraft replacement parts, visit our TruckCraft landing page. If you would like to become the proud owner of a TruckCraft Truck Body, Spreader, or Storage Compartment, fill out a quote request form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Aluminum Service Body

  • Heat treated aluminum alloy extrusion for floor & under structure
  • Compartments constructed of .090” thick 5052-H32 aluminum
  • All doors welded double-panel construction
  • Body weight – 640 lb(SRW); 840 lb(DRW)
  • SRW – 21.4 Cubic Ft compartment storage; Comps 40” H X 13.5”D X 98”L
  • DRW- 77 Cubic Ft compartment storage; Comps 40?H X 22.5?D X 108?L
  • Bumper/Step available for all major truck brands
  • Tailgate 13.75” H; Single-handle open, slam-shut
  • Gas springs on vertical doors; cables on horizontal doors
  • Mounts for SRW 56” C.A. Ford/GM/Ram box-delete pickups
  • Mounts for SRW and DRW 60? C.A. chassis
  • SRW floor size 98” L X 49” W;   33.3 Sq. Ft
  • DRW floor size 108?L X 49?W;  36.8 Sq. Ft
  • Six removable compartment trays with adjustable dividers
  • Twist latches are black with chrome T-handle, roller and compression, keyed alike
  • White powder coat standard on doors & wheel panels
  • Replaceable piano hinge on doors
  • Automotive D-type bulb door seals
  • 5 year limited warranty

TruckCraft’s new LANCER is a green-focused aluminum service body available for Single rear wheel pickup’s and Dual rear wheel cab/chassis that will save fuel every driven mile while providing years of secure storage. The deck floor and under structure are made from custom-designed aluminum alloy extrusion with tensile strength equivalent to steel for real durability, but weighing in at only 640Lbs (SRW) 840 Lbs (DRW). Combine powder-coated cabinet doors, the near-zero maintenance of aluminum, stainless steel hardware and you get TruckCraft’s great fuel saving service body that will likely be moved on to your next truck.


The details of the Single or Dual wheel LANCER are where the value of this new TruckCraft-designed body really shines through. Compare the welded double panel door construction, stainless steel door hinges, the black and chrome twist lock T handles, bright diamond plate cabinet tops and adjustable cabinet shelving, and we believe you’ll see greater value than in any other comparably priced service body.  How about these additional features – single handle top-drop/slam-shut tailgate, gas springs on vertical doors, rubber mounted LED lights with factory wiring harness, D-bulb style rubber door weather seal, and a five year limited factory warranty. Mounting hardware is included for certain box-delete single rear wheel pickups. *NOW AVAILABLE WITH REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY & INTERNAL LIGHTING!

Aluminum One-Ton Dump


  • Chassis: 12,000 to 15,000 GVWR, 60” C.A. Bed Size: 96” wd. X 9’-4” lg.
  • Side Height: 16-1/2”, (permanent or drop 180°)
  • Tailgate Height: 22-1/2” (drop 180°)
  • Volume Capacity: 3-1/3 cubic yards to top of sides
  • Hoist Rating: 10,400 lb
  • Floor Height: 11-1/8” above truck frame
  • Cab Guard: Quarter (STD), Half and Three Quarter (optional), bolt on
  • Weight: 1,240 lbs (assembled w/ hoist, 1/2 cab guard & drop sides)
  • Max Dump angle: 50°
  • Floor Construction: 6061-T6 heat treated aluminum extrusions w/ cross members every 5”
  • Operating System: Monarch electric/hydraulic power unit – Double acting
  • Lighting: LED Lights with wiring harness factory installed
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

TruckCraft’s aluminum ZEUS dump bodies for one-ton chassis save about 500 Lbs over steel dumps, but offer the same hoist ratings to get your jobs done quickly using less fuel. ZEUS features three to four yard capacity, a double-acting hoist, 50° dump angle, up to 3/16” floor thickness and cross sills every five inches. This item ships completely assembled, with sub frame painted, and comes with all stainless steel hardware.


The ZEUS one-ton dump body for up to 19,500 Lb GVWR chassis, will permit you to haul up to 500 Lbs more each load because ZEUS’s robust aluminum construction saves 500 Lbs over like-sized steel bodies with equivalent hoist ratings.


Never sandblast or re-paint your one-ton steel dump body again to try to get another few years out of it. The ZEUS will stay looking sharp with little maintenance, and you will be able to move it to a new chassis someday without having it crumble apart because of all-too-familiar cancer rust. Saltwater boats, aircraft and automotive applications have demonstrated time and again that if selected properly, aluminum will withstand saltwater and moisture corrosion much better than steel without costly paint maintenance.

Aluminum Flatbeds


  • 1 Year limited Warranty
  • Floor Construction – Plank extrusions provide rigid reinforcement every 5?.
  • Rub Rail – 5 1/2? custom shaped rub rail with mitered corners & stake pockets cut in the top.
  • Cab Guard – Profile shape with protected window area. 5 1/2? frame matches rub rail appearance. Bulkhead of 1/8? bright diamond plate.
  • Tailboard – 10? high, bright diamond plate with wrap around corners. Includes license plate light, 4 1/2? stop, tail, turn and backup lights.
  • LED Lighting standard


  • Rack Sides assembled
  • Built-in stake pocket latch in each section – (30 & 40? only)
  • Uprights can be re-positioned anywhere horizontally along slats
  • All extruded, tempered, .125 thick T-6 alloy aluminum for 37,000 psi min tensile strength
  • Fluted slats for custom appearance
  • All slats and uprights capped on ends
  • 40? high – 4 slats; 30? high – 3 slats; 24? high – 4 slats, 18? high – 3 slats, 12? high – 2 slats; 6? high – 1 slat
  • All bolted construction allows easy field replacement of damaged slats or uprights

Available models include heavy duty flats (200 lb/sf load rating), extra heavy duty flats (350 lb/sf load rating), dumping, towing, and specialty flats. To better suit your needs, there is a Reversed-Hoist dumping flat with a 17,000 Lb hoist capacity plus a 30,000 Lb tow-capacity gooseneck ball factory installed. All TruckCraft flats are made of 100% 6061 T6 alloy extrusion in a proven design that gets more strength and rigidity per pound of aluminum than even many steel flatbeds (but at just 60% of the weight). Sizes and capacities are available for pickup trucks, up to 19,500 pound capacity one-tons.


All construction materials are 6061-T6 aluminum alloy extrusion with 37,000 PSI minimum tensile strength. The floor is made of plank extrusion that is designed with a tongue-in-groove joint on each plank top, and two crossills every 5? for rigid reinforcement that will take heavy punishment in stride.


The standard long sills are 4? high x 2-1/4? wide structural aluminum channel, with optional 6? or 7? longsills available for hoist, or extra heavy duty applications.


Rub rails are a custom shape providing 5-1/2? side height with extruded ribs for added strength and improved appearance. The rub rails, as well as the front and back rails, have stake pockets cut into the tops. Bed corners are mitered for safety and improved appearance.


Body comes complete with flush mounting 2-1/2? grommet style LED clearance and marker lights, with wiring harness.


RATING: TC 500 is rated for 200 lbs/SF evenly distributed load. e.g., 96?W X 110?L= 73Sq.Ft. = 14,600lbs rated load.

Dumping Aluminum Flatbeds

  • Lengths Available- 9?-9? & 11?-5?
  • Side Heights Avail- 40?, 50?
  • Cubic yard. Cap- 11?-5?x50?=12.8; 11?-5?x40?=10.2; 9?-9?x50?=11.3; 9?-9?x40?=9.0
  • Weight- 11?-5? – 1,913 lb;     9’9? – 1,655 lb
  • Hoist Type- Double acting, NTEA CL7, Scissor with sub frame, pendant control
  • Dump Capacity- 11?-5? 16,600 lb; 9?-9? 17,000 lb
  • Floor- 2-3/8? extruded T6 alloy alum planks, 3/16? top surface, with stiffeners on 5? centers
  • Fully assembled from factory
  • Longsills- T6 alloy 7? H-Beam
  • Full height solid rear barn doors std
  • Rub rail- 5-1/2? tall T6 alloy aluminum
  • All doors are removable
  • FMVSS Compliant markers with harness

The TruckCraft TC-503 STORM is available in 9?-9? & 11?-5? versions with either 40? or 50? high sides to fit your job needs. Options include a passenger-side front door, tailgate with coal-chutes, various rear barn-door configurations and roll tarp.


  • Double-acting hoist, MONARCH power unit; 50° dump angle
  • All steel subframe
  • Comes pre-assembled to painted hoist & sub frame.
  • High strength 6061 T6 extruded alloy construction
  • LED  marker lights with harness included
  • Stake pockets cut into top rail
  • Two year warranty

Heavy duty or extra heavy duty aluminum flats, factory assembled on a pre-painted subframe, complete with a double-acting MONARCH power unit and all hardware required for quick installation. Available in sizes to fit pickup trucks, up to body lengths of 14’-2” long for 120? C.A.’s. Dump capacities from 9,500 lb to 17,000 lb.

Pickup Dump Inserts

  • 3 year limited warranty
  • 2 models – fit standard 8? bed, or shortbed pickups ( 6 1/2?)
  • 6,200 Lb. dump capacity
  • 2.5 Cubic Yard capacity (5+ Yd. with sideboards)
  • 48.5? x 99? Cargo area
  • 150 amp resettable in-line circuit breaker safeguards power in, and also allows manually switching off power under hood to disable unattended insert.
  • 12 volt MONARCH HYDRAULICS Electro-Hydraulic system
  • 47 degree dump angle
  • Powder-coat Finish
  • Two welded stake pockets on front bulkhead, 8 on sides with tie down rail
  • Dumper weight- 6-1/2?- 558 Lbs, 8?- 632 Lbs
  • 27 second cycle time
  • 2-4 hour installation time.


A new productivity tool from TruckCraft makes your pickup truck a working dump truck. If you’re scratching your head and wondering what the real differences in pickup dump inserts are, you should check out the features of TruckCraft’s TC-101 MAGNUM.


The big question – how much can it dump? Let’s face it, if it dumps wimpy it’s because it’s designed wimpy. The dump capacity of MAGNUM is 6,200 Lbs, and it is backed with a three year limited warranty, including the MONARCH power unit, to give you confidence it will dump 6,200 Lbs everyday, period. The muscle doing the heavy lifting is the U.S.A.- made three stage telescopic cylinder. It has premium chromed rod sections and aluminum glands with internal wear bands, premium components to be sure, and though you don’t see them, they are just two of the many designed-in reasons for long life and excellent performance of TruckCraft dump inserts.


On to the paint job; as you probably already know, preparation is everything in powder coating. That’s why we first grit-blast the tub and tailgate to clean and mechanically etch the steel for good primer adhesion. After that, they’re coated with zinc-rich primer prior to powder-coating. Then comes the final baked-on powder coat application. The result is a durable, long-lasting finish that looks good and protects your investment. Chemical dipping or solvent-wiping are common powder coat prep processes, but only grit-blast prep earns the right to wear the TruckCraft logo.


The MAGNUM’s weight-saving aluminum subframe is another reason why TruckCraft inserts are a cut above other dump inserts on the market today. The extruded T6 alloy subframe has TruckCraft’s standard two-bolt installation system built in so there are no extra mounting clamps or holes in your truck bed required for mounting. Advantages of T6 are that it has the same tensile strength as steel, so it is half steel’s weight, but equal in strength, and is rust-free with no maintenance required. The T6 subframe is just one of the weight-saving components resulting in MAGNUM’s best-in-class 600 Lb. weight.


MAGNUM is designed to be virtually maintenance-free.  All five pivot points (two dump hinges and three cylinder pivots) have premium lubed-for-life bushings installed so there is no “grease” maintenance needed. In fact, an occasional washing, checking the hydraulic fluid level twice a year, and inspecting daily for debris or damage is all the maintenance MAGNUM ever needs to be dependable and well-groomed.

Service/Dump Combination Bodies


  • Kit weight – SRW/567 lbs without dump insert.(TC-121 Weighs 478 Lbs for 1,045 Lbs Total)
  • Aluminum construction of marine grades 6061 T6, and 5052- H32.
  • Bolt on installation requires virtually no modification to truck chassis.
  • Kit fits any full size Chevy/Ford/Dodge pickup (56? C.A.)with box removed
  • Available for single rear wheel pick ups only.
  • One year limited factory warranty on kit, materials & workmanship; Three year limited warranty on TC-121.

Convert your 56? SRW pickup chassis into an all aluminum service/dump body. The TC-202 uses our all-aluminum TC-121  dump insert  with 7,000 Lb dump capacity, plus our aluminum storage box kit, made with premium components. The TC-202 not only allows you to be more productive by providing two bodies on one truck, but the TC-202 will look professional and sharp on your chassis as well. Both bodies are incorporated into a kit that has everything you need, and installs with just a drill and hand tools.


Combination bodies provide the best of two worlds: the secure storage of service bodies, and the extreme usefulness of dump bodies. TruckCraft offers two models of COMBO bodies: An A60-galvanneal steel model capable of dumping 12,000 Lbs with 64 cu ft of storage for chassis-cabs, and an all-aluminum model with 7,000 Lb dump capacity and 35 cu. ft of storage for single-rear-wheel pickups.

D-Icer Salt Spreaders


  • All electric – needs no hydraulic system
  • 3/4 HP auger drive empties 15,000 Lb/hr*
  • 1/6 HP spinner motor in protected housing
  • Mounting kit fits virtually any one-ton dump body
  • Constructed of extruded 6061 T-6 alloy & 5052-H32 aluminum sheet for durability
  • Installed unit weight – 313 Lbs
  • Backlit, fused, 100 AMP motor controller- U.S. made*
  • Auto-level spinner requires no linkage
  • Right angle spinner motor drive provides higher motor road clearance
  • Stainless steel 5? auger, 12? spinner plate, and all hardware
  • All bolt-on kit installs in 5 hours
  • Auger reducer is in-line premium helical gear type for 98% efficiency
  • Spreads free-flowing mat’l up to 3/4? dia.
  • Two year factory Limited warranty
  • *150 AMP Alternator recommended for 15,000# output

All TruckCraft spreaders carry a two year limited factory warranty. Made of tough, corrosion resistant 6061 T6 Aluminum alloy and stainless steel you get the best of both worlds, weight savings and extreme durability in high-salt conditions. And check out innovative designs by TruckCraft, such as the completely enclosed 90°-angled gear reducer on the SPINNER DRIVE. It not only provides maximum road clearance by positioning the motor up, horizontally, but the 2:1 gear reduction doubles torque, allowing you to slow the spinner down without sacrificing torque. Heavy, factory assembled wiring harnesses carry power from the USA-made Electronic Control Unit to the enclosed, LEESON Wash-Down-Grade motors, made with type 304 stainless shafts, double seals, epoxy coating, and sealed housings. It doesn’t get any beefier than this.


TruckCraft’s D-ICER product line offers quick install 12-volt electric spreaders made entirely of aluminum and stainless steel to fit your application, from pickup truck dumpers to 19,500 Lb. capacity chassis one-tons with dumping capability. With no expensive clutch or PTO pumps to install, D-ICER is connect right to your truck battery with no modifications. All D-ICERs come complete with a heavy wiring harness, U.S.A.-made in-cab digital control, all mounting hardware, backed by a two-year limited factory warranty.

Space-Pak Storage Compartments

  • Technologically advanced welding, & riveted construction minimizes distortion and fatigue cracks
  • Aluminum with stainless hardware for custom look and lasting durability
  • 56 Cubic feet of secure storage space (24?D x 87?W x 60?H)
  • .125? thick, reinforced, double panel doors for security and streamlined appearance (Extra large clear door openings)
  • Rubber door seal is mounted in door channel to prevent damage from loading/unloading cargo
  • Brushed-finish sides, silver powder coated doors, bright diamond plate front and back panels for custom look
  • Door hinges – Piano hinge, stainless steel, full length for security plus low maintenance
  • Made from full .125? thick aluminum sheet and bright diamond plate
  • Weight 314 Lbs.
  • Four heavy duty, swiveling equipment J hooks
  • Premium gas operated door springs
  • Black and chrome twist-lock T-handles for firm lock and compression seal
  • Two removable cross compartment shelves to accommodate long objects, or storing of oversized items
  • Mounting bracket & u-bolts included
  • 2 year limited factory warranty

TruckCraft’s popular all aluminum storage compartments have been upgraded to provide more features that contractors and municipalities need – low weight, large volume capacity, secure storage, low maintenance, rugged construction. SPACE-PAK provides transport of tools and equipment in a convenient behind-the-cab design. 60?H x 24?DP x 87?W.  The TC-600 four-door model is available in as a tunnel version that fits down over the chassis frame by 14?, or a flat bottom version that sits on top the chassis frame for the full 60? mounted height.


TruckCraft manufactures a line of premium, all aluminum storage compartments for behind-the-cab installation. Commercial contractors, municipalities, landscapers or anyone needing secure vehicle storage and transport of tools and materials will benefit from our truck storage compartments. The weight saving aluminum design doesn’t require paint maintenance to retain lasting good looks. Compartments are available to cover the entire back of the cab and window or shorter styles can remain below the vehicle rear window.

This is a small overview of the products TruckCraft has to offer. For a complete selection of their products, and a full list of details, check out TruckCraft‘s website.

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