As of October 2022, Intercon Truck of Baltimore is now a certified distributor of the full line of Reading Truck bodies! For maintenance purposes, our customers can order OEM Reading Truck parts from our Joppa, Maryland location.


Intercon Truck wants to make ordering Reading Truck parts as easy as possible. To be sure we can help you to the best of our abilities, it is important that you know the following information about your Reading Truck body:

  1. Serial Number
  2. Model Number
  3. Part Number and Quantity of desired parts

If you are having difficulty locating your Model Number or Serial Number, both can be found on a steel plate located in the curbside horizontal compartment on the second front partition. If you require extra keys, you will need a Key Number. The key number can be found on the side of the key or on the lock cylinder. To find the lock cylinder:

  1. Open any door and remove the lock cover located on the inside of the door.
  2. Locate the cylinder (which is positioned at the end of the linkage rod). The key number will be found on the flat side of the cylinder. The following are the series of sequence key numbers: J201-J225, CH501-CH550, EM501-EM545, FS Series.
  3. Replace the lock cover.

When ordering parts, please include as much of the information as is available to you. If this information is not available, a complete written description, detailed sketch or photograph of the required parts will help to correctly identify and obtain them.


Once you have as much information about your Reading Truck body as possible, submit a parts inquiry, and somebody from our parts department will be in touch.

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