Increase your ride comfort, level sag, reduce sway, protect your cargo, and save money with maintenance-free and American-made SuperSprings!
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  • Automatically activate as loads are applied.
  • Reduce rear end sag and sway without compromising ride quality.
  • Work in conjunction with original equipment rear leaf spring suspension systems.

SuperSprings are a unique and patented self-adjusting suspension stabilizing system for vehicles with rear leaf springs, designed to level loads and reduce body roll. SuperSprings provide users extra load support and reduce body roll without compromising ride quality. They are manufactured using a variety of different sized springs to support multiple applications. All SuperSprings are manufactured in the U.S.A. from SAE5160H high grade, shot peened steel.

  • Service bodies with tools and equipment add weight to vehicles. The factory installed suspension is not always ready to carry this extra and/or uneven weight in a level manner. Once tools and equipment are added, service bodies can easily cause a truck to sag in the rear, putting strain on suspension components and causing wear and tear on brakes, tires, and other components.
  • These types of specialty trucks should not run solely on “un”specialty suspension. These trucks are expected to carry heavy loads and not always an evenly applied load. Without proper suspension enhancements, the service life of these trucks is cut short, resulting in increased costs and decreased safety. With an innovative suspension solution and fine-tuned spring resistances, your vehicle can accommodate the fixed and anticipated loads.
  • SuperSprings can be installed in approximately one hour by a skilled installer. Mechanically minded individuals will be comfortable and confident with step-by-step and easy to follow installation instructions that include drawings and photographs. SuperSprings are installed without disassembling original equipment spring assemblies.
  • SuperSprings are a great solution for individuals needing a suspension enhancement, as well as fleets looking to increase suspension abilities, provide safer ride control, and reduce their overall cost of ownership. SuperSprings protect your investment by limiting wear and tear that can result in future maintenance costs to other vehicle components such as tires and brakes. Fleet applications include: buses, delivery and freight, law enforcement, and more.

What is a helper spring? A helper spring is any spring that helps/supports the original equipment suspension components of your vehicle. SuperSprings are a helper spring by simple definition, but they are so much more! Not only do SuperSprings help level rear end sag, reduce body roll, and stabilize sway to generate greater driver control, they are a self-adjusting system – fit it and forget it! No accessories, no maintenance, just worry free level load carrying magic! They’re super!


  • SuperSway-Stops are designed to stop sway and reduce lean by filling the void between top overload spring and contact points on the chassis.
  • When air springs are used on vehicles with top overload springs, a greater distance between overload spring and chassis is created. This larger space leads to sway.
  • Traditional contact pads for top overload springs create excessive noise when in contact. This is a problem for transportation applications with passengers.
  • SuperStops replace the noisy factory contact pads with damping, noise reducing, SuperSilent-Stops, perfect for buses, limousines and other transportation applications.

SuperStops are designed for trucks equipped with auxiliary top overload leaf springs. SuperStops replace factory contact pads and bump stops. They are designed to help reduce sway and eliminate noise.

*SuperStops, SuperSway-Stops, and Silent Stops are only applicable to vehicles equipped with a top overload spring.

SuperStops are the same as contact pads in that they replace and bolt in the same place as contact pads, but they are not the same in design and function. Contact pads are typically thin pieces of rubber, while SuperSway-Stops are a tall piece of micro-cellular urethane. SuperSilent-Stops are a damping piece of urethane. Contact pads are more than likely not engaged because of their thin design, or engaged and creating excessive noise. SuperStops are designed to be engaged, allowing your top overload spring to do the work it was installed to do.


  • Solo SumoSpring is a one-piece unit attached on one side and used as a replacement/upgrade to factory bump stops.
  • Maxim SumoSpring is a one-piece unit attached on top and bottom that allows up to 50% expansion of original body height.
  • Rebel SumoSpring is a two-piece unit attached on the top and bottom using separate male and female pieces, allowing unlimited travel.

SumoSprings are a patented suspension product designed to enhance load carrying ability, stabilize sway, and improve overall driver control and ride comfort. They are maintenance free, do not leak air, and do not require airlines or compressors. SumoSprings are manufactured in a variety of heights, diameters and densities to support multiple front and rear applications. They are manufactured from proprietary closed micro-cellular urethane providing a smooth and progressive spring rate.

SumoSprings come in three variations of colors/densities. For further assistance in determining what densities are available for your application, enter your vehicle information into SuperSprings’ handy dandy Application Guide.

Blue -40 density captures more air in the millions of micro-cellular bubbles, creating an air spring suitable for light and medium duty applications.

Black -47 density balances the amount of urethane and air bubbles to create an air spring suitable for light, medium, and heavy duty applications.

Yellow -54 density traps a smaller amount of air in the air spaces creating a stronger air spring suitable for medium and heavy duty applications.

  • SumoSprings benefit a large variety of recreational applications, such as: pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans, motorhomes, off-road vehicles, vehicles used for towing, and others.
  • SumoSprings are used in a variety of commercial applications to increase load leveling abilities, reduce sway, and provide safer ride control resulting in reduced overall maintenance costs. Commercial applications include: utility bodies, crane trucks, wreckers, tow trucks, snow plows, and more.
  • SumoSprings can be installed in under an hour by a skilled installer. Mechanically minded individuals will be comfortable and confident with step-by-step and easy to follow installation instructions that include drawings and photographs.
  • SumoSprings are a great solution for individuals needing suspension enhancement, as well as fleets looking to increase suspension abilities, provide safer ride control, and reduce the overall costs of vehicle maintenance. Fleet applications include: buses, delivery and freight, law enforcement, and more.

SumoSprings enhance vehicle safety by creating greater ride control and absorbing harsh movements caused by: rough road conditions, front end dip during sudden braking, side-to-side sway, bumps, highway joints, and more. They are an enhancement to your suspension, supporting not only the existing suspension components but reducing wear and tear on other vehicle components. SumoSprings are simply “super.”


  • Have been tested to increase the capacity of coil springs by 15 – 30%. This makes for better suspension; all from a simple and budget friendly product.
  • Increase driver control by reducing sway and providing tighter handling. These increases will result in a longer life span for your brakes, tires, and more.
  • Are a great way to add capacity for applications such as: a mini-van loaded up with camping equipment, a sedan carrying a bike rack, a truck with a replacement bumper, and more.
  • Whether it is added weight due to a load, or wear from use and age, Coil SumoSprings will enhance your suspension to give it the boost you need.

Coil SumoSprings improve the load leveling ability of original equipment front and rear coil springs. Manufactured from micro-cellular urethane, the material’s progressive spring rate creates a cushion effect, enhancing capacity and ride comfort. They install by simply being slid between the turns of the coil spring.

Coil spring inserts work in two ways. First, inserts work by changing the structure or anatomy of the spring itself. The insert changes the spring from a single spring, to two separate functioning sections. This split increases your coil capacity because it generates additional stiffness. In theory, you could shove a piece of wood in the middle of a spring and you would see increased capacity. So, yes, Coil SumoSprings are the same as other inserts, wood included. So what makes one insert better than the others?

Second, the spring rate of the insert’s material affects the spring’s behavior. The block of wood has no spring rate, so although you may see an increase in capacity, it is solely because you made the springs stiffer. By using micro-cellular urethane, the Coil SumoSprings act as a spring within a spring. Not only is capacity increased by the change in spring structure, but the progressive spring rate of the Coil SumoSprings increases capacity and ride comfort as well.


  • Coil springs will sag over time after repeated use. Eventually, the load carrying ability of any coil spring will reduce, presenting the need for a replacement.
  • SuperCoils are similar to traditional coil springs. The difference is in the high quality steel and coil structure, making them a heavy duty and long term solution.
  • SuperCoils provide an easy and maintenance-free lift solution. SuperCoils can be installed in under two hours and are backed by the SuperSprings warranty.

SuperCoils are heavy duty replacement coil springs, designed to remedy sagging and overworked original equipment front and rear suspension coil springs. SuperCoils have a linear/constant spring rate consistent with other coil springs. SuperCoils actually replace original equipment, different from SuperSprings or SumoSprings that work in conjunction with and enhance original equipment.

Some SuperCoils are intended to lift your truck. Depending on the application, this is typically an inch or two. The lift is a functional lift, to provide additional load support for your vehicle. Other SuperCoils are designed to be at stock ride height. In the interactive Application Guide, check the notes to determine whether or not your particular application has a lift.

SuperCoils are a replacement to factory coil springs. SumoSprings are an enhancement to your suspension. Sagging or over-worked coil springs should be replaced with SuperCoils. Vehicles needing additional load support and/or increased ride comfort should consider using SumoSprings in conjunction with coil springs or SuperCoils. Most popularly, SuperCoils complimented with SumoSprings Solo (in place of factory bump stops) are a great suspension solution.

This page lays out only a small introduction to each line of products SuperSprings has to offer. To view their full selection, visit SuperSprings’ website.

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