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At Intercon Truck of Baltimore, and Intercon Truck Equipment (Philadelphia), we offer just about any service you need along with our regular operations equipping service bodies, dump bodies, plows, spreaders, and more. Whether you want to protect your cargo area or the underbody of your vehicle, or you are looking for repairs to existing equipment, we might be the service center you are looking for. Below, you will find a breakdown of the services we offer.

Intercon Truck of Baltimore is proud to offer customers excellent service for their trucks and truck equipment. We also offer high quality accessories to go with your vehicle ;including running boards, grille guards, fenders, truck mirrors and much more in our showrooms. Stop by our brick and mortar Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Joppa, Maryland locations, or click over to our premier online store,, to shop for your desired accessories for your specific vehicle. is determined to surpass your expectations of customer service and buyer security in ways that go above-and-beyond that of a “brick-and-mortar” business. We pride ourselves on our website’s extensive selection and variety by offering over 30,000 parts and accessories from a broad selection of vendors; Merritt Aluminum, BOSS Snowplow, Buyers Products Co., Thieman Tailgates, VMAC, and many, many more.

With an ever-growing assortment of products, is able to cater to both those who rely on our products for their daily professions, and those who want additional upgrades for a more personal use. Beyond our impressive selection, the team at reflects the same knowledge, dedication, and customer support that many people have come to respect from Intercon Truck as a whole. As we move forward as a company, we hope to continue to innovate in ways that not only meets the high standards of our customers, but exceeds them.



Tectyl protective coatings are formulated in a variety of product films from thin, clear coatings and heavy duty wax, to black bituminous products. The Tectyl products are available in solvent and water based formulations. Waterborne formulations perform in conditions where high solvent content products are not permitted for health and safety reasons.

Tectyl protective coatings include a sound dampening product line called V-Damp. V-Damp is a product line of viscoelastic, sprayable liquid sound dampeners with applications in various industries where metal vibrations need to be reduced. Whether it is anti-corrosion or sound dampening, Tectyl protective coatings are globally recognized in industries where proven rust prevention is required. These industries include passenger car OEM, truck and bus OEM, railway, military, spare parts, container, power generation and general industrial metal-working or steel fabricating.

Here at Intercon Truck, we offer Tectyl 3344. This is a Black zero VOC, air-dry, waterborne corrosion preventive coating for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Tectyl 3344 Black is formulated to provide excellent adhesion, hardness and durability to most substrates including primers, e-coat and oily steel; additionally, it’s designed to resist chipping, scratches and gravel marks normally seen on truck and trailer underbodies. Tectyl 3344 can be recoated with most urethane, acrylic or alkyd resin formulated automotive topcoats.



Intercon Truck of Baltimore is now a prime location for you to load up on Brine, a liquid method of de-icing which is more cost-effective and less destructive to surfaces in the long term. For those relatively unfamiliar with using liquid de-icing, here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Pre-treating parking lots, sidewalks, and parking structures with liquid brine before snow falls will help prevent mild accumulation and, more importantly, prevent the bond of snow/ice to the pavement. This allows easier removal of snow/ice via conventional means (plows and shovels) and means you will need much less salt afterwards.
  2. Pre-treating and post-treating with brine offers many benefits, including savings on the cost of application, compared to salt. Not to mention, with the right control systems, you could automatically adjust the flow rate of the brine solution, applying the correct amount of product regardless of speed.
  3. Liquids offer much better consistency, accuracy, and adaptability, while mitigating or eliminating the use of chlorides found in salt. Many new sites around the US and Canada are already setting chloride-free standards.
  4. Brine treatment benefits include: leaving parking lots and other surfaces clean of salt residue, getting areas snow/ice-free much quicker, doesn’t ride customers’ soles into facilities, lower environmental impact, and more.

If you’re not sold on the brine advantage and require more information, click ‘Learn More’ below.




Intercon Truck uses the highest quality products to ensure your vehicle is the best it can be. At our Maryland location, we currently use PPG paint Delfleet Essential; the value-minded solution for trucks and commercial vehicles. It helps meet your facility’s need for quick turnarounds with consistent quality at an affordable price. Our proven single-stage system is not only easy to mix and spray, it delivers a glossy, durable finish with excellent performance throughout. For added versatility, Delfleet Essential basecoat offers increased color and finish options, while maintaining operational efficiency and superb value. Best yet, both direct gloss and base-clear finishes can be delivered with warranty coverage.

  • High-solids topcoats and primers
  • Simple topcoat 6:1:1 mixing ratio, packaged in easy to use kits
  • Compact mixing system of only 30 toners
  • Basecoat option for more colors, metallic and pearls, stripe capability and extended durability
  • Colors can be sprayed in direct gloss or converted to basecoat in one step at time of mixing
  • Solid colors can be cross-coated
  • Application guidance by experts
  • Toll-free customer service hotline
  • Technical advice and troubleshooting

Intercon Truck offers unmatched service to our customers with the use of our top of the line commercial paint booth by Global Finishing. GFS provides state-of-the-art finishing equipment for refinishing trucks, vans and other large vehicles. Our truck refinish paint booths utilize the same advance technologies and features of our automotive refinish paint booths, but are designed with more space for larger vehicles. GFS can custom design a booth for your finishing requirements. In addition to paint booths, GFS offers prep environments, aluminum repair stations, mix rooms and accessories to complete your shop.



Drive Shaft Repair And Modification Services

Intercon Truck Equipment (Philadelphia) specializes in Driveline repairs and modifications:

  • Machine Specs and Capabilities:
    • Driveline/Welding Balance Machine – Shaftmaster III Can work on single up to 3-4 shaft balance simultaneously. Can bring shafts up to manufactures factory specs.
    • Cut-off Machine – Superior Driveline Can cut tubing and weld shafts for shortening and lengthening capabilities.
  • Workable Driveline Types and Sizes:
    • 1 ¼” – 6” OD Solid and Tubular Shafts both Foreign and Domestic.
  • Workable Shaft Material:
    • Steel and Aluminum Solid and Tubular Shafts, High Performance Shafts.


neapco spicer      Sonnax       Powertrain Industries

For quick, reliable and professional service supported by over 35 years of experience, call Rodney Schwartz at (610) 364-9500 [Ext 0], or Request a Quote below!


Intercon Truck Equipment is a licensed distributor of high-quality hydraulic component manufacturers.

Hydraulic hoses are specifically designed to carry hydraulic fluid to or among hydraulic components, valves, actuators, and tools. They are usually flexible, reinforced, and made with several layers of reinforcement since hydraulic systems frequently operate at high pressures. Dimensions, performance specifications, construction options, and features are important parameters to consider when searching for any hydraulic hose.

Important dimensions for the selection of hydraulic hose include the inside diameter, outside diameter, and minimum bend radius. Hydraulic hose sizes are denoted by the inside and outside diameter of the hose. The inside diameter refers to the inside of the hose or liner. The outside diameter is often a nominal specification for hoses of corrugated or pleated construction. Minimum bend radius is based on a combination of acceptable hose cross-section deformation and mechanical bending limit of any reinforcement.

Construction options for hydraulic hoses include:

  • Reinforced by way of textile braid, wire braid, wire helix, and other designs in many ply or layer configurations.
  • Coiled for flexibility and elasticity.
  • Corrugated with pleats, spiral convolutions or, of course, corrugations, to increase flexibility and capacity for compression and elongation.
  • Convoluted, which are constructed of more than one hose formed or adhered together in a flat, ribbon, or bundled configuration.

Additional features to consider include integral end connections, anti-static, lay flat, crush-proof, flame-resistance, and explosion-resistance.

As mentioned before, we are distributors for many manufacturers of hoses and fittings, for hydraulic systems, compressors, or any other commercial applications. Here at Intercon Truck, we can also make hoses suited specifically to your needs. Request a quote below, and be sure to note what you need the hose for, what type of fittings or reinforcements you would need it to have, and any other relevant information.


Spray-In Bedliners provide the ultimate protection for truck or trailer. The high performance comes from its combination of high physical properties, abrasion resistant, and complete waterproofing. Spray-In bed liners are continuous, monolithic membranes that do not have seams and cannot leak. They are peel, crack, flake or chip resistant – they are bonded to the steel to provide perfect corrosion protection. Spray-In bed-liners also have a unique stipple finish that looks great and prevents cargo from sliding around in the truck bed. To learn more, click Learn More below.



Intercon Truck Equipment (Philadelphia) has all of your Trailer needs, whether it’s parts or whole trailers! They offer all types and styles, including but not limited to:

  • Flatbed Trailers are some of the most common types of trailers, and are common mainly because of their versatility. Flatbeds can be utilized for everything from steel coils to lumber.
  • Dry Vans, otherwise known as enclosed trailers, are some of the most common freight containers for shipping cargo on the interstate.
  • Refrigerated Trailers are primarily dry vans that are insulated and have a cooling system to keep the enclosed goods fresh.
  • Step Deck Trailers are remarkably similar to flatbed trailers with the only legal difference being that the maximum freight height is 10 feet. They’re designed to carry things that flatbed trailers can’t.
  • Sidekit Trailers are most often equipped with a side of wood paneling and are used to haul loads that aren’t packed, like gravel, dirt and other materials that never need to be packaged.
  • Specialty Trailers are built specifically for a type of product to be moved, are usually built to specification, and to haul hazardous materials.


To keep your equipment in it’s best condition, both Intercon Truck locations can provide parts and accessories for your Trailer(s), including:

  • Axle Assemblies and Components
  • Electric and Hydraulic Brake Assemblies
  • Suspension Systems and Parts
  • Tires and Wheels
  • A-Frame, Swivel, Drop-leg, Heavy Duty, and Specialty Jacks
  • A-Frame, Straight Tongue, Gooseneck, and Flat Mount Couplers
  • Single-Speed, Two-Speed, Agricultural, and Electric Winches
  • Towing Accessories such as Hitches and Ball Mounts
  • Body Components
  • Chemicals and Coatings
  • Lights and Electrical
  • Hardware
  • Actuating Systems





Here at Intercon, we supply, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Regular Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum.
  • Sheet Metal, Plate Metal, or Hardened Plate.
  • Round or Flat Bars.
  • Channels, Beams and Angles.
  • Round, Square or Rectangular tubing/pipe.

If you have a request for a material that isn’t on the above list, contact us, and we’ll see what we can do.

Now that you know what we can use, you need to know how we can use it. For the purpose of making our Fabrication process as efficient as possible, regardless of the materials we’re working with, we can fully utilize any of the following:

  • 6 x 15 Foot Plasma Table, capable of cutting any shape of part or design after a meticulous drafting process via AutoCAD. We can even use it to cut out company logos to use as a sign!
  • 600-Ton Break, which can form 14-Gauge from a 1/2-Inch up to 18 Feet in length. Perfect for the walls of a custom truck body.
  • 200-Ton Break, which can form smaller parts up to 8 Feet in length. Notable use of this was the Hitch Plate that was made for the front of a truck.
  • 12 Foot x 1/4 Inch Shear, which can cut up to 3/16 of an Inch.
  • 88 Ton Iron Worker, for punching or cutting of Bars, Channels, or Angles.
  • 28-Inch Hydraulic Chop Saw, for cutting up to 10 Inches of structural metals.

Intercon Truck of Baltimore has some of the best fabricators in Maryland, and we take care and caution with each and every task, as if we were doing it for ourselves. Want to learn more? Contact Ron Zdon, our resident Fabrication Foreman, at (410) 679-4900 [Ext 115]




  • Box Body Panel Repair and Replacement
  • Rear Roll-Up Door Repair, Replacement and Service
  • Rear & Side Swing Door Repair, Replacement and Service
  • Refrigerated Body Repair
  • Truck Body Roof Repair and Replacement
  • Upper Rail and Lower Rail Repair and Replacement
  • Rear Door Post and Frame Repair and Replacement
  • Box Body Floor Repair and Replacement
  • Interior Lining and E-track Repair and Installation
  • Truck Walk-ramp Repair and Installation
  • Custom Modifications and Equipment Installation
  • Rust Damage Repair
  • Truck Leak Repairs
  • Box Body Swaps
With such a long list, we doubt there’s nothing we can’t do for you and your truck. Whether it be a Box Truck, a Landscape Body, a Tractor Trailer, or anything other truck body, we can fix it up or improve it structurally, better than it’s ever been. Get in touch with Intercon Truck today for much-needed repairs or maintenance for your rig! You’ll be happy you did.


Nothing cripples a jobsite like a broken machine. When it comes to fixing broken steel, there are three steps:

  • Cutting and removal of the failed component
  • Preparation of the new joint/part
  • Welding and cleanup

Removal of the damaged metal can be done with oxy-fuel, plasma cutting or carbon arc gouging. Oxy-fuel and plasma are typically better for cutting through metal, whereas carbon arc gouging is better for gouging out a crack or defect without completely severing the part.

Oxy-fuel torches are one of the most common tools for cutting and are found on most service trucks. Plasma cutters, however, produce a smaller kerf (cut width), a smaller heat affected zone (HAZ), and are typically faster than oxy-fuel torches. Plasma cutters also cut through all electrically-conductive metals, whereas oxy-fuel won’t cut through aluminum or stainless steel.

Carbon arc-gouging is another option when using welding generators with 250 to 500 amps of output and a high duty cycle. This process uses a carbon electrode to melt the defective area, and blast away molten metal with a focused, high-pressure stream of air.

Questions? Contact Ron Zdon, our resident Fabrication Foreman, at (410) 679-4900 [Ext 115]




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