At Dakota Bodies, Design Engineering is an important service in the process of manufacturing quality and effective bodies for every market. Whether you have a complete spec in mind or need input on design and capabilities, the design team at Dakota is there to help. Combining state-of-the-art software with decades of experience. There is little that will be missed when it comes to the functionality of a Dakota Body. If you find yourself wondering if it can be done, ask. Their design team will be able to answer the questions or inform you of other available options to make sure you receive the most functional body for your application.

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By ordering a component body you’re able to customize various parts of the body while maintaining a standard price point. Choose from an “H” or “V” configuration, flip or standard tops and even pick a bumper style plus a few other options to make this standard body right for you.

The modular designs also allow for quick and easy repair of individual components. If a side pack is wrecked, you can replace it within a few hours by simply un-bolting the old one and replacing it with a new one.

The CB body is available in Aluminum, Galvanneal and Stainless Steel making it the most versatile product in the market for light and medium duty service bodies.



  • –  Powder-Coated Body, White Finish.
  • –  Understructure and Bumper coated with Non-slip Black Lava Powder Coat.
  • –  Gas Cylinder Style door holders.
  • –  LED Rear Lighting with wiring harness.
  • –  ‘Crash Zone” Rear Bumper with Recess.
  • –  Stud-mounted Stainless Steel Latches.
  • –  Automotive Bulb type Weatherstrip.
  • –  Double Panel Doors with Internal Reinforcements.
  • –  Adjustable Shelves.
  • –  Adjustable Drawers.
  • –  Adjustable Hooks.
  • –  Small parts Friction Drawer Set.
  • –  Stainless Steel Rotary Latch (STD).
  • –  Custom Logo Latch.
  • –  Compression T-Handle.


  • –  Removal of the perforated panel can convert a “V” Side Pack into an “H” Side Pack. Standard on all “V” Service Body side packs.





  • –  Light Duty Ladder Rack.
  • –  Heavy Duty Ladder Rack.
  • –  Angled Ladder Rack.
  • –  Heavy-duty Overhead Material Rack.
  • –  Stationary (STD).
  • –  Flip-tops with Tray.
  • –  Recessed (STD).
  • –  Full Step.
  • –  Punched.
  • –  Standard Universal Frame and Bumper mounting kit.
  • –  Standard feature Vise socket in Bumper.

The Component Body (CB) is a modular design that allows the various components to move through the manufacturing process more efficiently. All components are powder coated at the piece part stage allowing for superior paint coverage. The painted components are assembled in the final production phase resulting in a complete service body. Customers can choose from a variety of options that can be swapped out in the field or in an up-fitters facility. Due to the modular design, parts are readily available for shipping or assembling into a specific body configuration as needed. All components of the CB body may be replaced if damaged, rather than replacing the entire body.






The Service Body (SB) is a traditional weld together design using the same compartment configurations as the CB body. Options include a crane reinforced compartment, transverse front compartment and also a raised front compartment. Side-packs welded to the universal frame/floor eliminates the ability to easily replace the side-packs if damaged. Several bolt on options are available with this option as the overall size of the bodies are the same.

The Cutaway Stock Body was designed to replace the one-piece E-Series van and are full of features and add-on accessories that will make any job easier. This body can be fully customized to serve multiple applications including: integral aerial device mounting kits and splicer body packages.

Line bodies are a staple in the utility industry and greatly range in size and function. With a custom line body, you can be certain that when the job comes you will be able to handle it. To maximize storage, you can add top boxes and punched metal baskets or let Dakota Bodies be creative with finding other storage options for your gear.

Slide-In Units are designed to maximize the existing workspace of your truck bed while maintaining an acceptable payload capacity. These units are available in Aluminum, Galvanneal and Stainless and are fully customizable for efficiency and functionality.





Crane bodies are an excellent solution for field mechanics. Being able to take your shop with you is a necessity and Dakota can give you just that. With our custom accessories and full size tool chests you will be in the field and ready to work.

Dakota Bodies transverse bodies are a top of the line body for your flatbed truck. Full of features and accessories that will save you time in the field. Transverse bodies are custom built to meet your job and security requirements at a competitive price.

Flatbeds can take on all shapes and sizes and can include various tool box configurations, step areas and even stake pockets for removable sides. Dakota Bodies designs custom flatbeds to match your needs for a seamless transition into your daily grind.

Enclosed bodies can protect your gear and your staff almost anywhere. By building an enclosed body you’re able to keep your exterior storage and access but you also receive the added work and storage space of a trailer. These custom enclosed bodies can also be insulated for added protection from the elements.

This is a small overview of the products Dakota Bodies has to offer. For a complete selection of their products, and a full list of details, check out Dakota‘s website.

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