Stake Bodies are perfect for truck loads that do not require solid walls or roofs to cover them. These bodies are typically used for the transportation of bulky and solid items that can survive mild weather, such as landscaping equipment or construction apparatuses. Most Stake Bodies allow for the removal of one or all of the Stake walls, which would convert it into a simple Platform Body. This allows for easier loading and unloading, while giving you greater flexibility for strapping and securing. As seen in our Gallery, Intercon Truck Equipment is capable of outfitting a Platform/Stake Body with any arrangement of straps, toolboxes, or whatever else you might need to do your job as efficiently and stylishly as possible.

Intercon Truck Equipment makes it a habit of exceeding customer expectations. This is proven time and again by the Custom Truck Bodies that we make here. Rest assured, no matter what kind of outlandish contraption you want assembled on your vehicle, we can make it happen.

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