In 1926, Meyer Products began building snow plows on a farm in Newburgh, New York. It was then and there Meyer became the innovator, pioneer and leader in manufacturing highly reliable snow and ice control equipment. Throughout their years in business, Meyer has been fully committed to fulfilling their customer’s needs and expectations.

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The all new commercial-grade Meyer Super Blade is bigger and stronger than any other automatically adjustable plow on the market. At the press of a button, it expands from 8’ to 10.5’, or anywhere in between. And the flared wings extend as a pair or independently. Super Blade features Nite Saber LED lights, Hands-Free Plowing (HFP), industry leading ground clearance, and much more. Your plowing capabilities are now limitless.


The Meyer Drive Pro is now available in two different grades of steel:  traditional and lightweight, high-strength.  Both offer great performance features. The lightweight, high-strength steel models (part #41189 for 1/2-ton pick-ups and part #41130 for SUVs) have also been redesigned to offer industry-leading ground clearance of up to nine inches. Known as the Standard Operating System, not only will you get better gas mileage, the plow will also be less prone to bottoming out while in carry mode.


Designed for residential contractors, Lot Pro LD is a rugged and easy-to-use steel snow plow ideal for tight residential areas or long driveways. It features industry-leading ground clearance, self-diagnostics and Hands-Free Plowing. Made for 1/2-ton pickup trucks with snow plow prep packages, contractors will appreciate increased maneuverability in snowy conditions and not having to compromise on quality construction.


For those who want to make a finished lot look like it does in July, the Lot Pro is a professional-grade plow for contractors who need to plow large parking lots and streets. The Lot Pro fits on 3/4-ton pickup trucks and larger. The Lot Pro is available with your choice of two mounting systems:Standard Operating System and EZ-Mount Plus. Both offer premium features such as self-diagnostics and hands-free plowing.  The Standard Operating System also offers industry-leading ground clearance.


Built for contractors who don’t have a minute to waste, the Meyer Diamond Edge plow features the tallest and most aggressive bottom-trip, contractor-class moldboard on the market. Boasting a 32″ height and 70-degree attack angle, this plow attaches to 3/4-ton and larger trucks and produces better overall clearing performance in less time. The Diamond Edge is available with your choice of two mounting systems:  Standard Operating System and EZ-Mount Plus. Both offer premium features such as self-diagnostics and hands-free plowing.


Why let the big guys have all the fun? Your 1/2-ton pickup is capable of the toughest jobs, which is why Meyer created the Super-V3 Light Duty (LD). With a plow spanning 7’6” in length, the Super-V3 LD has trip-edge moldboards for more efficient and shock-absorbent plowing. Plus it features industry-leading ground clearance, self-diagnostics and Hands-Free Plowing (HFP). One-half ton trucks don’t seem light at all with a Meyer Super-V3 LD plow attached. 


The Meyer Super-V3 brings next generation innovation to contractor-grade V-plows. Made for ¾-ton and larger trucks, it’s engineered with features designed to move more snow, faster and with more control. With its pistol grip controller and independently controlled wings, you can choose from a V, scoop or straight blade configuration with push-button ease. The Super-V3 gives you safer nighttime plowing with its standard Nite Saber LED lights and features industry-leading ground clearance.


The Meyer Road Pro 32-Series features flared wings for better snow throwing action. It was designed specifically for municipalities and contractors using 9,300 – 26,000 GVW trucks. Available in 8-foot, 9-foot or 10-foot lengths, all moldboards in this series are 32-inches-high and perfect for clearing side streets, parking lots and cul-de-sacs. The Road Pro-32 is available with your choice of two mounting systems:  Standard Operating System and EZ-Mount Plus.


The Meyer Road Pro 36-Series is the biggest and toughest snow plow in the Meyer line, the perfect match for 26,000 – 33,000 GVW trucks. It leaves only the cleanest surface behind with the industry’s best snow-rolling action. Road Pros are available in 9-foot, 10-foot or 11-foot full-trip lengths or a 10-foot bottom-trip.



Your landscaping and agricultural snow-removal needs may seem tough, but they have met their match thanks to Meyer. The din plate-style mount allows you to easily attach Meyer snow plows to leading brands of skid steers like Bobcat, CAT, John Deere, Gehl, Case, New Holland and more.


Versatility is what a skid steer is all about. And now you can have the most versatile snow plow for your most versatile piece of equipment. Introducing the Super-V3 featuring a universal mounting plate system that easily attaches to your skid steer, utility tractor, compact tractor or compact wheel loader giving you all-season use of your machine.


You’ve got the ultimate flexibility with Power Box. This patented system, available in two models, and has hydraulically controlled wings to allow you to go from 5′ to 8′ or 8′ to 12′ wide or anywhere in between. It allows you to do a more efficient, more effective job of clearing narrow areas and open lots. When fully retracted, the Power Box flips over for effective back-dragging of snow, mud, manure and more.


Meyer knows you and your compact tractor have a lot of land to take care of year-round. When it’s covered with snow, did you know you can use a universal mount to easily attach moldboards to your compact tractor? This includes leading brands like John Deere, Case, New Holland, Cub Cadet, Kubota, Massey Ferguson, Kioti and more.


If you’re tackling the kind of jobs that require a utility tractor during the year, that probably means you have a lot of snow-covered land during the winter. Take charge of that snow with Meyer’s Heavy-Duty Agriculture Tractor (H.A.T.) mount. It allows you to easily attach Meyer moldboards to leading brands of utility tractors including John Deere, Case, New Holland, Cub Cadet, Kubota, Massey Ferguson, Kioti and more.


When you add a Drive Pro snow plow to your new or existing utility vehicle, you get the perfect solution for plowing sidewalks, long driveways or any space where a pickup truck isn’t appropriate. This contractor-grade plow features Meyer’s easy-to-use 2-inch receiver mount and is available in four moldboard sizes (5′, 6′, 6′ 8″ and 7′ 6″) to suit your application. Available with full-hydraulics or self-angle.



An all-season spreader gets a lot of use, so you want a product you can trust. Meyer’s premium walk-behind spreaders, Hotshots, were built to handle extreme conditions year-round and can hold 70 or 100 pounds of material with a maximum spread range of 12′ to 18′, depending on the model. Heavy-duty models are made of stainless steel.


When you need to get as tough on winter as it’s getting on you, the top-of-the-line Blaster is the tailgate spreader for you. Built with the most powerful spreader motor available, the Blaster has the power you need, while the material management system lets you spread what you want, where you want. The Blaster is compatible with 1/2-ton and larger trucks with a two-inch receiver, and tractors with a three-point hitch.


With five models available, the new Base Line spreaders were designed for professionals who want an all-season, full-featured insert spreader at an economical price. Made of stainless steel or carbon steel (8′ Briggs & Stratton model only), Base Line insert spreaders are built to hold up for years of service. Choose from 1.5 or 2.0 cubic yard capacities and your choice of engine.


Turn your dump truck into a salt truck with an Under-tailgate spreader, a replaceable tailgate spreader, or a cross conveyor. Meyer offers a range of dump truck-specific spreaders; and, you may also want to consider an Insert Hopper for your dump truck.


Take charge of winter with Anti-Icers, and pre-treat areas that need to remain open during winter storms. These high-performing, professional-caliber machines fit into the bed of pickup trucks and UTVs and disperse a brine mixture that prevents snow and ice from bonding to pavement. Plus, you can customize the Anti-Icer that’s right for your application and vehicle.

This is a small overview of the products Meyer has to offer. For a complete selection of their products, and a full list of details, check out Meyer‘s website.

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