Ranger Design believes work vehicles and the technicians that drive them can become more organized, more efficient, more productive and more profitable.
Ranger is committed to bringing you the products and services that make that possible.


‘More’ means helping you choose the right work van for your application, as well as giving you engineering support and expert advice to help design the most
efficient work space in your new vehicle. ‘More’ also means getting that new van outfitted and on the road faster, so you can start using it for
the reason you bought it.


Ranger is committed to bringing you more, because they believe more is possible.


Ranger Design units are engineered to save weight, and give your van the extra payload it needs to stay competitive.


A peaceful ride with no rattles, and tough enough for your biggest jobs and quiet enough for a peaceful ride.


With the fastest lead times in the industry, Ranger understands that you need your vans ready for work as soon as possible.


Built to withstand the worst, tough enough for any job, built with high quality, and comprised of high-strength materials.

If you are looking for replacement parts for your Ranger Design unit, visit our Ranger parts landing page. If you would like to become the proud owner of some Ranger Design products, fill out a quote request form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Preparing for the installation of your upfit; made easier.

  • Economical – because the flooring has integrated mounting tracks for the price of a regular floor.
  • Safer – due to the integrated track, improved load distribution and noise reduction.
  • Improved Van resale value – durable, professional-looking, and protects the vehicle.
  • Efficient – 3 panel floor installed in 45 minutes by one person and easy to maintain.

Ranger Design’s unique flooring system with integrated aluminum mounting tracks provides a flush surface, making it easy to install a variety of Ranger Design shelving, equipment and accessories.


Ranger Design’s custom-fit rigid flooring system is available for most service vans. Designed to provide added safety and a quieter ride. The floors are also impact and puncture resistant giving your van a professional look.


Ranger Design safety partitions provide a solid and secure barrier between the occupants of the van and the cargo. Built from heavy-gauge steel, aluminum or thermoformed ABS and polycarbonate, these partitions are designed for maximum impact resistance and uphold a standard of safety set only by Ranger Design products.


Ranger Design partitions also provide a more comfortable environment for the driver by giving more seat travel and by not rattling as the vehicle drives down the road.


  • A range of steel and aluminum packages are available for each vehicle.
  • Packages are created with the specific trades in mind. Optimized for maximum productivity.
  • Engineered to optimize space. Layout designed to ensure that all tools are well within reach.

Get more out of your work van: Ranger Design packages are designed specifically with your trade in mind.


Ford Transit


Ford Transit


Ford Transit Connect


GMC Savana


Mercedes-Benz Metris


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


Nissan NV


Nissan NV200


RAM ProMaster


RAM ProMaster City


Box Truck Step Van & Trailer


Chevrolet Express


Industry-leading strength. The perfect fit for the toughest job.


Ranger Design shelving is built strong and durable and often outlasts the vehicle. Designed to fit with maximum efficiency, Ranger Design shelving optimizes the space in a work van’s cargo area.


Ranger wants to simplify the customers’ experience and make it easier to install both the shelving and the accessories.


This simple line of shelving makes it easy for you to stock. It enables you to upfit vans faster and to put them on the road quickly.

Ranger Design’s Fold-Away shelving is designed to offer delivery companies the most flexible storage space possible. Folding shelves allow the driver to quickly and easily change the configuration depending on the delivery needs.


With a 250 Lbs weight capacity, the shelves can be adjusted to carry packages of various sizes, while large skids can be put on the floor eliminating wasted space and increasing efficiency.


Ranger Design manufactures a variety of durable storage compartments and quiet drawer systems, designed for quick and easy access.


Ranger uses top quality components such as full-extension, high-capacity ball bearing drawer slides, secure locks, and unique braided stainless steel cable-pull handles. These drawers are the organizational quality that you deserve.


If you never again want to experience the frustration of drawers that jam, sag, and don’t latch properly, Ranger has the solution.


Safe and practical to make your day-to-day tasks easier.


Ranger Design has simplified the line-up to facilitate ordering and stocking. Lockers, workbenches, partskeepers and partskeeper cabinets now have a new look to conform with Ranger’s shelving series.


Getting the most from your work van is easy when you choose the right van accessories to help you become more organized and efficient.


Good truck and van accessories will always pay for themselves by allowing you to maximize your cargo space and productivity.


With so many van accessories to choose from, the best way to find which ones work for you is to take some time to consider your needs.


All tradesmen work differently, and every trade has their own basic tools.


Make a list of all the equipment that you use daily.


With a list in hand, you’ll be able to visualize your needs and determine which of the van accessories will be the most beneficial.

  • Grab Handles are designed to provide you with easier access into your van. Whether installed in a high roof or low roof work van, it is always useful to have something to hold on to. it can also be used to tie down additional cargo for safe transportation.
  • LED Lighting keeps the cargo space bright, making it easy to find your tools, no matter what time of day or night. It also eliminates any chance of receiving cuts and bruises when searching through your tools in the dark.
  • Seat Covers protect your vehicle seats with a tight custom fit. The water & stain resistant fabric is machine-wash and dryer safe. Installing a set of them takes only a few minutes and will keep your cab looking clean and new. There is also no interference with factory seat functions including heating, cooling or airbag deployment.
  • Rear Steps are there to help when climbing in and out of your van several times a day, putting strain on your legs and back, especially when carrying heavy items at the same time. The steps give tradesmen quick and easy access to their cargo space. The steps also provide a rugged grip in the winter, so there is no fear of slipping when getting in or out.
  • Cargo Holders keep frequently-used items such as hats, cans and vises within easy reach and safely stowed while on the road.
  • Choose the right style of Hooks to help you organize tools and equipment near the van doors to be most effective.
  • Wire Grills protect your van against theft and prevent damage to the van during loading or unloading, with Ranger Design’s window grills.


  • 1050 Series – Interior Rack designed for Full Size Vans
  • 1506 Series – Cargo+ designed for All Size Vans
  • 1605 Series – Cargo Rack designed for All Size Vans
  • 1625 Series – Combination Clamp Rack Designed For All Size Vans
  • 1630 Series – Double Clamp Rack designed for All Size Vans
  • 1840 Series – Single Max Rack 2.0 Low Roof designed for Low Roof Vans
  • 1850 Series – Double Max Rack 2.0 Low Roof designed for Low Roof Vans
  • 1870-1880 Series – Max Rack 2.0 designed for High Roof Vans
  • 1920 Series – Access Stow designed for High Roof Vans

Ergonomic Ladder Racks make loading and unloading easier.


Ranger Design ladder racks make loading and unloading ladders an easy operation. Ranger Design offers drop-down ladder racks for high roof vans, extra-tough racks capable of carrying 32-foot ladders on compact vans, interior ladder carriers and many other options for different applications.


Please take note that all Ranger ladder racks are powder-coated white except for the Cargo+.

This is a small overview of the products Ranger Design has to offer. For a complete selection of their products, and a full list of details, check out Ranger Design‘s website.

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