From its founding, CTech has championed a culture of world-class engineering and innovation. CTech’s small team of engineers crafted personalized solutions, never-before-seen features, common-sense designs, and intricate integrations that caught the attention of many industries; but, what turned that attention into close, sustained relationships was their commitment to service and excellence. Ctech counts on their valued customers’ feedback as it fuels every refinement they make.

CTech believes you shouldn’t have to settle for off-the-shelf, modular storage units; so, they’ve spent nearly 30 years making custom storage accessible for all. Thanks to automated design tools and continuous reinvestment in manufacturing technology, CTech can deliver custom solutions faster, better, and with better service than the competition.

CTech drawer units or inserts can be fitted to the compartments of popular service bodies, such as BRAND FX, Palfinger, Knapheide and more! If you would like to get a quote on custom drawer inserts, standalone cabinets, or any other CTech products, fill out a quote request form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!




The most popular CTech cart—Worktop Carts are the cart with 360-degree functionality. With dual-sided storage, generous workspace, and wheels to take it anywhere—these carts are a triple threat. Available in 60” and 72” lengths.

Pro Series Carts serve as bulk mobile storage solutions. The Sportsman models come in a wide variety of configurations. The Crew Chief models also offer premium storage with the added benefit of an enclosed worktop—giving you the ultimate mobile tool cabinet and dedicated workspace. Available in 60”, 72”, 96”, and 120” lengths.

Specialty Carts are specialty solutions. With wide-ranging applications and uses, specialty carts are built to fill the most unique needs. Whether it’s a cart for a grill or a cart as an observation deck—CTech has it. Sizes vary.




Nobody does mobile storage like CTech. Choose from a variety of cart chassis styles and build your ultimate mobile storage solution from the ground up. All CTech carts are lightweight yet strong enough to withstand transport and rough terrain.

Caster Carts are a work-station-height storage cabinet that moves with you. With a wide range of lengths—as well as BadAss Caster Cart all-terrain options—you never need to be limited to the shop floor again. Available in 24”, 48″, 67″, and 72″ lengths.

Mini Carts—many uses. CTech Mini Carts are compact storage on a dedicated push/pull chassis—which means big mobility in tight spaces. Available in 40” and 67” lengths.




Take advantage of a full range of customizable options to build cabinets that compliment your space. Customize individual cabinet sections or build cohesive custom cabinet layouts with nothing but an internet connection. Your next cabinet solution lives here!

CTech’s Econo Series may have a lower price tag, but do not be fooled—there is nothing entry-level about the Econo Series’s quality and functionality.

The transition from the traditional sedan style pursuit vehicle to a fleet of SUVs has left most police officers wondering how to organize their cargo area better, and the added space for storage often turns into a disorganized mess. With CTech’s exclusive CopBox Cabinets, officers can stay organized, safe, and secure.




CTech drawers feature MotionLatch Technology; the original “One-Hand, One-Motion” drawer pull. No more feeling around for latches or sliders—just pull on the full-length handle to access your stored items. Dual composite latches ensure that your drawers stay closed during transit.

Standard and custom finishes are available for each and every product. Pieces are powder coated prior to assembly for optimal durability. For an extra level of customization, black extruded handles are also available.

Easily utilize the top, back, or bottom of your tool drawer unit to secure your drawer stack in it’s chosen location—whether it’s mobile or stationary. Drawers are also available with full enclosures for standalone purposes.




CTech builds their MotionLatch drawers from scratch at their Weston, Wisconsin headquarters. Whether you’re ordering a pre-configured or custom drawer, it’s always made with care just for you.

CTech builds their MotionLatch drawers with intuitive divider-holding tabs to accommodate a wide range of metal dividers. Simply choose how many vertical divisions you want prior to ordering. Small parts organizers are also available for shallow drawers.

Different drawer tops allow you to mount MotionLatch drawers into different compartments. Contact your CTech representative if you have questions about how to mount your drawers.

CTech’s custom tool drawers with MotionLatch technology come in any size, and for any application. Custom drawers are distrubuted by a network of amazing dealers, like us, who have access to Ctech’s cutting-edge CTech Express online quoting/ordering suite.

VISUALIZE before you buy with CTech’s exclusive 3D experience!

Shop vehicle-specific CopBox Cabinets to see what works best for your pursuit SUV. View a rendering of each model, add options, and review your solution before purchasing!

This was just a small overview of the products CTech has to offer. For a complete selection of their products, and a full list of details, check out CTech’s website.

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