The average person would associate becoming eco-friendly, or “going green”, with some kind of hippie movement, but it’s actually much more in-depth than that.


In simple terms, to “go green” means balancing the life you lead with the impact that life and your choices have on the planet; essentially, being mindful enough to help maintain ecological balance to preserve the environment and, by extension, the planet. Our society has been wasteful for decades and, although change can be hard, we as individuals can take steps to ensure that we as a society will generate much less waste going forward. For those who are still not convinced, remember: it’s about more than hippie-dippie tree-hugging. It’s about safeguarding the future of the human species. It’s about recognizing that we, for all of our advanced technology and societal customs, are still a part of nature, and not separate from it.


Here at Intercon Truck, snow-removal is our bread and butter. Snow plows and material-spreaders take many parts to build and maintain, to say nothing of the lasting damage that rock salt or other bulk material may have on asphalt, concrete, or the larger environment. Below, we’ll be exploring a handful of different manufacturers that offer eco-friendly equipment to help you go green and stay green in a multitude of different applications, in a presentation that we will call…

Voigt-Smith Innovation (VSI) was founded from a landscaping and snow removal company that started humbly with a one-man crew and has grown exponentially year after year. Eventually, VSI began bidding work that required they differentiate themselves, as they could no longer compete on price. To attract new business, VSI began offering more unique, specialty services to their customer base, such as hydroseeding and liquid de-icing. Unimpressed with the design and price points of hydroseeding and liquid de-icing equipment available on the market, VSI decided to design and build their own.


At VSI, nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction with their products and service. From the day you buy it to the day you retire it, VSI wants you to truly feel that the product you purchased served you as well, or better than, any piece of equipment you have ever owned.


The Genesis Series is a line of spray equipment meant to introduce you to liquid de-icing. At a lower price point and all electric, these units are perfect to begin in your journey in the liquid de-icing world.

This unit is designed for UTVs or toolcat style machines. It comes with a 48-Inch spray boom and a 50-Foot spring rewind hose reel.

This is the electric version of the Legacy Sidewalk Slayer. It’s perfect for sidewalks and Snowrator support.

The Power Bundle E comes with an 84-Inch single lane spray boom for use with an existing tank.

The Push Pal is the ultimate walk-behind sprayer. With interchangeable 5 gallon jugs, your capacity is essentially limitless.

The Brine Buddy is a budget-friendly brine-maker, with production of up to 1000 gallons per hour. With this unit, you can make brine almost anywhere as long as you have an outlet or a generator.

The Genesis 305E is sized perfectly for a 3/4 to 1-Ton pickup. It has a single-lane 84-Inch boom and a 50-Foot spring rewind hose reel. This unit gets wired to the battery of the vehicle.

The large, skid-mounted 500E unit has an 84-Inch, single-lane boom, and it’s capable of covering 10-15 acres with a pretreat application.


The Legacy Series includes top-of-the-line Liquid De-icing equipment. This series has been developed through years of research in the field to be efficient, reliable, and effective. Having these units as part of your lineup will keep you ahead of the pack and help build your legacy.

VSI’s largest, full-skid frame unit in the Legacy Series is the Legacy 1600. This unit is also completely wireless. You can expect this unit to cover 16-19 acres post treating and 32-38 acres pretreating, allowing you to cover a LOT of acreage before needing to refill.

This is the most versatile unit in the Legacy Series. You can pair this unit to any size tank which allows you to scale up your unit size far beyond VSI’s largest skid frame unit. The APB is also controlled wirelessly. Coverage with this unit depends on which tank it is paired up to.

The Legacy Sidewalk Slayer is set up perfectly for a sidewalk crew. This unit can be mounted in a truck bed, trailer, or inside a box truck. It has a 200-gallon capacity and comes with a fill hose for filling sidewalk units and a hose gun for spraying sidewalks.

The Legacy Brine-Maker will be the heart of your brine operation. With production up to 3500 gallons, this unit will keep your brine tanks fully stocked all Winter, so you will always be prepared.

The Legacy 305 is VSI’s most popular unit. With 305 gallons of capacity, this unit fits perfectly in a 3/4 to 1-Ton pickup. It is controlled wirelessly via the VSI Spray Control App. This unit is capable of handling 3-3.5 acres post treating and 6-9 acres pretreating.

The Legacy 500 is a mid-sized sprayer that holds 500 gallons of liquid and is suitable for F350-F450 or equivalent truck, depending how much weight the truck is rated for. This unit is also controlled wirelessly with the VSI Spray Control App. You can expect to post treat 5-6 acres and pretreat 10-15 acres.

This unit holds 750 gallons of liquid and is ideal for an F550 or equivalent truck. The Legacy 750 will post-treat 7.5-9 acres and pretreat 15-23 acres. The Legacy 750 is controlled wirelessly via the VSI Spray controlled app.

The Legacy Series 1000 is one of our larger units. It is also controlled via the VSI Spray Control app. This unit can handle 10-12 acres for post treating and 20-30 acres pretreating.


Henderson Products is the North American leader in the design, manufacture and upfit of multi-purpose equipment for heavy-duty work trucks specializing in snow and ice control, sold through independent dealers, and direct to government agencies.

Henderson products are used by an array of customers including state departments of transportation, cities, counties, townships and other governmental agencies. As a custom manufacturer, they have the unique ability to meet nearly any application and equipment specification that customers may require.


  • Stainless-steel tank construction
  • 4.67 Cubic Yard capacity Hopper
  • Large solids clean-out door: 15″W x 9″H
  • Fine clean-out door: 3″ butterfly valve
  • Sloped floor to aid clean-out
  • Tank dimensions: 132″W x 47″H x 36″D (not including external valves and plumbing)
  • Approximate weight w/o Pro controls: 2200 Lbs
  • Approximate weight w/ integral Pro controls: 2800 Lbs
  • Available with Pro or Ultimate Controls (see below)
  • [Optional] Salt Hopper Cover available

The BrineXtreme Advantage is the perfect basic brine making workhorse. High volume salt brine production combined with an unobstructed large clean-out door make this sturdy brine maker a popular choice. It is capable of quickly producing professional grade salt brine with either Pro or Ultimate controls. Built from stainless steel, the tank will last for many years.




  • Up to 6,000 GPH production
  • Precision salt brine concentration (23.3%) –accurate to 0.01 SG (specific gravity)
  • Storage tank level monitoring
  • Data Logging
  • 6″ LCD touch screen display
  • Remote access via LAN, cellular or WiFi
  • Handles treated or untreated rock salt
  • Fill rates of 100 GPM
  • Add BrineXtreme Flex Truck Fill Station to blend up to 3 products

Makes basic brine without any unnecessary additives.

  • Up to 7,500 GPH production
  • Precision salt brine concentration (23.3%) – accurate to 0.01 SG (specific gravity)
  • Storage tank level monitoring
  • Data Logging
  • 10.4” LCD touch screen display
  • Remote access via LAN, cellular or WiFi
  • Blends brine with up to 4 additives and 3 micro ingredients
  • Handles treated or untreated rock salt
  • Variable fill rates (20-400 GPM)
  • Fills up to 3 trucks simultaneously
  • Field expandable

A complete brine mixing/blending/truck and tank filling system.

  • Modular design
  • Plug-n-play installation
  • Blending between 2 and 4 products
  • Add multiple users – with password protection
  • Keypad and LCD touch screen display
  • Remote access via cellular gateway
  • Flow rates of 20 – 200 GPM

The BrineXtreme Truck Fill Station is a highly accurate, state-of-the-art truck and/or tank loading and blending station. It functions independently of your brine maker and liquid tanks to produce customized anti-ice liquid blends for any winter road condition.

While liquid strategies are nothing new and have been used by highway departments for a couple decades, they have failed to achieve widespread recognition in the industry until relatively recently – mainly due to the low cost and ready availability of salt. However, things are changing. Volatility in the supply and cost of salt has severely constrained winter maintenance providers in recent years. Turning salt into brine provides sustainable – cost effective solutions that can substantially reduce salt usage, and it can do it while optimizing highway safety and mitigating the damaging impacts of salt on infrastructure and the environment in ways traditional methods of deicing can’t. Simply put, liquids have become irreplaceable tools for the salt-smart snowfighter.

For 51 years, Vanair has worked toward one goal – being the industry leader in Mobile Power Solutions. During that time, it has been an honor to collaborate with a multitude of companies to engineer products that deliver a true performance edge.

Vanair is an engineering-driven company known for their problem-solving capabilities to exceed expectations, drive uptime, and deliver unparalleled performance. Where you need it, when you need it, and how you need it – Vanair’s there.


EPEQ (Electrified Power Equipment) is a comprehensive, end-to-end, patent pending system of zero emission and quiet products. Powered by Vanair’s EPEQ Smart Controller, which communicates with a specifically developed line of ELiMENT Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, EPEQ allows you to turn off the vehicle’s engine and still run the equipment you need on the jobsite. EPEQ is a fully self-contained and independent system that can be mounted on, or within, combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles, or even on trailers.


The EPEQ series for clean, quiet, Mobile Power Solutions is perfect for: all fleet industries, road construction, heavy moving equipment, mining, municipalities, oil and gas, HVAC, fire/rescue, marine, RV/recreation, crane/lifting, and light commercial vehicles. Ideal for applications such as air, electrical, fluid transfer, and welding.

Vanair’s EPEQ line has plenty of excellent products, such as Air Compressors, Stick Welders, Power Inverters, Smart Controllers, Idle Mitigation for vehicles, PTOs, and more. For full details visit, click the button below or the Vanair logo up above.

The Aebi Schmidt Group is a global leader in intelligent solutions for customers who care for clean and safe infrastructure and cultivate challenging grounds.

The unique variety of Aebi Schmidt’s range of products is comprised of their own vehicles, as well as innovative attachable and demountable devices for individual vehicle equipment.




The eSwingo 200+ is the first fully-electric compact sweeper from Schmidt. It is ideal for daily cleaning and sweeping duties in inner-city and pedestrianised areas plus industrial locations and multi-storey car parks. The eSwingo 200+ is not only one of the cleanest compact sweepers on the market, but it also pays for itself in the overall whole lift cost calculation. With the eSwingo 200+, up to 85% of energy costs and up to 70% of maintenance costs can be saved compared to a model with a diesel engine.

For full product specifications, click the picture.

A fully-electric, compact and robust sweeper for everyday cleaning operations in urban areas. The redesigned state-of-the-art cab provides a spacious, clear and convenient workplace offering maximum comfort. The operating system is designed logically to enable intuitive operation.

For full product specifications, click the picture.

The eCityJet 3030 is a street washer based on the proven eSwingo 200+ series. Street washers are an interesting alternative to sweepers in hot, dry and very dusty conditions. With its all-electric drive and compact design the eCityJet 3030 cleans inner-city areas emission-free and is used especially in confined spaces, narrow streets, pedestrian zones or pavements.

For full product specifications, click the picture.

Shelby Trailer Service, LLC is a small family-owned and operated extrusion company located in Comanche, Oklahoma. Shelby specializes in recycled tire rubber and plastic products. In the mid 90’s, Ronnie Shelby decided to venture into extruding composite lumber for the livestock trailer industry. It took time to develop a flooring product that could withstand the abuse, wear, and tear in a heavily used stock trailer.

Shelby Trailer Service’s goals are to manufacture products that meet or exceed their customer’s expectations for Quality, Reliability, and Performance. The Shelby family has been in the trailer industry since 1972 and manufacturing recycled rubber plastic products since 1999.


  • Provides the highest quality flooring for your horse and livestock trailers.
  • Provides added safety and improved traction surface over standard flooring.
  • Are 100% made from recycled materials.
  • Include zero additives acting as a binder.
  • Are made in the USA.


  • Adds cushion and comfort for your livestock.
  • Can be used in Bridges and Walkways.
  • Provides added safety and improved traction surface over standard flooring.
  • Are 100% made from recycled materials.
  • Include zero additives acting as a binder.
  • Are made in the USA.


  • Are designed to keep your livestock standing while on the move.
  • Reduces stress in all aspects of cattle handling equipment, chutes, and scales.
  • Are 100% made from recycled materials.
  • Include zero additives acting as a binder.
  • Are made in the USA.

Hilltip’s road maintenance equipment products are designed, engineered and manufactured in their factory in Finland, and distributed worldwide. Head office and production are located in Pietarsaari, Finland and their two subsidiaries, Hilltip Corp. in the US and Hilltip GmbH in Germany.

The climate of Finland and many years of experience have made Hilltip experts in developing the most efficient and durable products for snow and ice control. The combination of high quality materials and state of the art technology makes it hard to compete with Hilltip products.

Hilltip offers a modest selection of Brine Makers & Liquid De-Icing sprayer equipment for pickups, trucks and tractors. The sprayer product line can be used in different configurations when fighting icy roads and walkways. The de-icing sprayers are available in different sizes to match a versatile field of use, and to fit a wide range of vehicles. Hilltip liquid de-icing sprayers are equipped with a 2-meter-wide spray bar or a hose reel with a handheld spray nozzle. The liquid spreaders are also ideal to be used in the summer for agricultural purposes. Mixing your own brine with the Brinemixx brine maker will make your business even more cost effective.

Welcome to Boomerang Rubber Company. Boomerang Rubber is a ISO14001 certified manufacturer of quality recycled and cord reinforced rubber mud flaps, pick up truck mats and agricultural products. Boomerang makes everyday strides to provide their customers with products that meet or exceed requirements, comply with regulations, continuously improve effectiveness of the quality management system, and meet company objectives to enhance customer satisfaction.






Boomerang Rubber’s most popular and economical mud flap. Made from fiber reinforced rubber providing years of service at a low cost. Available with or without your company’s logo. 

A heavy duty custom mud flap that’s perfect for Dump Trucks or similar applications where extra  strength and durability are needed. Made from fiber reinforced rubber providing years of service at a low cost. Available with or without your company’s logo. 

This mud flap is a solid, ½”, all rubber anti-sail mud flap that’s recommended for use where maximum service and durability is required. Made from fiber reinforced rubber providing years of service at a low cost. Logo or no logo. 

Boomerang’s ½” STA-Spray mud flaps  are specially designed to absorb tire wheel spray and direct it downward. Made from fiber reinforced rubber providing years of service at a low cost. To logo or not to logo? That is the question. 

The 3/8″ Triple Head Grooved Back flaps are perfect for lean inventory management. Made from fiber reinforced rubber providing years of service at a low cost. Would you like a logo with that?

Boomerang Rubber mud flaps are built to last! They offer a wide range of sizes and designs resulting from a state-of-the-art screening process that includes materials specifically designed to bond to rubber products and prevent discoloration to oil migration. This same process also allows for customized, multi-color logos to feature on the flaps themselves.

That’s all there is to see, for now. Once more of our manufacturers get on the green side of things, their eligible products will be added above. To learn more about any of the above product lines, simply click on that manufacturer’s logo to be taken to their website. If you’re ready to step into the world of eco-friendly sustainability, request a quote, and one of our salesmen will be in touch.

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