Federal Signal is the world leader in innovative equipment, signaling products and communication and security systems that keep workers, first responders and our communities safe and secure.

Since their first outdoor siren in 1917, to their first police car beacon in 1948, Federal Signal has never stopped seeking better ways to improve safety and reduce the risk for customers. Today, a combination of product innovation, expertise, and a commitment to deliver superior service and support is what they work towards to make themselves unique.

Global reach, and commitment to safety and security, is what drives Federal Signal’s innovative spirit. The experience of their product design teams, engineers, customer, and technical support staff makes them a trusted partner around the world.

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Police Products

Reducing risk for police officers is at the forefront of everything Federal Signal does; starting with developing innovative, patented technologies found in their light bars, exterior and interior warning lights, siren & speakers and directional lighting. Pair one of these products with a set of  push-bumpers, illuminated thermal identification systems and tire deflation devices, and you will have a driving force for a safe and secure police car solution. Find all your police lights and sirens with Federal Signal.

Full Selection of Police Products: Police Light Bars, Police Sirens/Speakers, Exterior Mount/Perimeter Warning Lightheads, LED Stick Lights, Interior Mount Lights, Accessories, PBX Push Bumpers, AirEI Illuminated/Thermal Identification Systems, or Tire Deflation/Stinger Spike Systems.

Fire / EMS Products

Safety is the driving force behind everything Federal Signal does. Industry standard products, like the Federal Signal Q-Siren, have set a high bar that they continually strive to exceed with innovative technologies that better protect Fire and EMS personnel, and the public. Whether it’s with their comprehensive line of advanced lightbars, Fire and EMS signals, or siren and speaker systems, Federal Signal can help you outfit your vehicles with technology that optimizes visibility and audio warnings to keep first responders safe.

Full Selection of Fire/EMS Products: Light bars, Mini-Light Bars, Sirens/Speakers, Beacons, Exterior Mount/Perimeter Warning Lights, Fire/EMS Interior Mount Warning Lights, Compartment and Dome Lighting, Directional Warning Lights, Area Lighting, Back-up Alarms, Accessories, and Camera Systems.

Work Truck Products

Your number one priority on the job is safety. Seeing and being seen requires light bars, beacons, directional and perimeter warning lights and other lighting systems that are powerful, innovative and reliable. Federal’s Legend light bars, HighLighter LED mini-lightbars, Pulsator LED beacons, SignalMaster directional warning lights, and accessories will keep your workers and fleet safe on the road and the scene.

Full Selection of Work Truck Products: LED Light Bars, Mini-Light Bars, Beacons, Exterior Mount/Perimeter Warning Lights, Directional Warning Lights, Interior Mount Warning Lights, Area Lighting, Back-up Alarms, Camera Systems, and Accessories.

PA/GA Systems & Communications

Customize a public address or intercom system to meet the needs of your facility. With high-powered amplifiers, audio routers for zoning, SelecTone speakers, visual signals, ECHO intercoms and AudioMaster speakers designed for every environment from offices to hazardous locations. Federal Signal can provide a complete public address system for any facility from the smallest, quietest clean rooms to the largest, noisiest factory.

Full Selection of PA/GA Systems & Communications Products: Amplifiers, Audio Routers, Digital Intercoms, PA/GA Systems and SelecTone.

Warning & Mass Notification Systems

For large scale outdoor or plant-wide signaling, Federal Signal manufactures high-powered outdoor giant-voice warning systems. Because each facility is unique, a variety of indoor and outdoor sirens and controllers, intelligent systems and software solutions are offered that can be customized for any application.

Full Selection of Warning & Mass Notification Systems: Control, IP-Enabled Intelligent Systems, Electronic and Giant Voice Siren Systems, Mechanical Siren Systems and Indoor Warning Devices.

Signaling Devices

Full Selection of Signaling Devices: Visual Signals, Audible Devices, Audible/Visual Signals, Intercoms, Atkinson Dynamics Intercoms and Speakers, SelecTones, Speakers, Fire Alarm Devices, Initiating Devices, Telephony, and IP69K Products.

This is a very small overview of the products Federal Signal has to offer. For a complete selection of their products, and a full list of details, check out Federal Signal‘s website.

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