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  • Durable enough for heavy hauling such as concrete, logging, or mining.
  • Low-maintenance enough for municipal fleets.
  • Versatile enough for construction, fire response, oil, and gas.

From the company that pioneered air-ride suspensions for the heavy-duty truck market over fifty years ago comes the most innovative in air-ride suspension technology. The industry’s toughest air-ride suspension, now with new design versatility, making it light enough for over-the-road applications, and much more. The ADZ is perfect for a range of applications.

The ADZ series goes beyond increased durability and stability. by utilizing the same proven cast steel technology found in Holland Fifth Wheels. The ADZ offers incredibly strong, yet lightweight cast beams. Also contributing to this waysavings is the innovative lower control module and V-rod crossmember design. In addition, the more compact suspension envelope for the ADZ maximizes frame rail real estate.

Reduced weight means increased payloads, and increased payloads means increased pay days! The ADZ lives to work; from oil fields to construction sites, to logging and mining operations almost anything traversing over rough terrain or transporting high center-of-gravity loads, in configurations from 23,000 Lbs. all the way to 75,000 Lbs. The ADZ is durable enough for severe duty, but light enough for over-the-road.

You need your suspension to not only be tough, but tougher than any environment you will encounter. While every manufacturer claims to make things tough, the NEWAY ADZ series has just raised the bar. Real world test lab demonstrations have shown the ADZ to be 54% more durable than the proven AD series. This outstanding durability is the result of the ADZ cast steel cradling arms and one-piece integral lower module design featuring a permanent transverse beam connection. With maximum cross-articulation allowed by vehicle design, and a full 8 inches of vertical axle travel, the ADZ handles uneven terrain without losing traction. The ADZ streamlined design provides industry-leading ground clearance with a confidence to go wherever the job takes you.

Unplanned and unpredictable offroad conditions or cornering with high center-of-gravity loads will challenge any suspension system. The ADZ meets those challenges with 27% more roll stability than it’s predecessors. By eliminating a traditional bushing design, the ADZ’s integrated one-piece lower module with a permanent connection takes roll stability to a new level. The ADZ pushes the envelope with a widened design stance, further enhancing roll stability. The ADZ also features a linear roll-brake making the vehicle easier to handle and more predictable while  navigating corners or traversing uneven terrain. With best-in-class stability, the ADZ gives drivers the confidence they need to meet any rough terrain head on.

The ADZ takes innovation even further with reduced operating and maintenance costs compared to the previous generation. With features like maintenance free roller-axle connection brackets, not having to maintain transfer-speed bushings, and fast axle realignment thanks to the easy-align pivot connection. The ADZ suspension design allows up to 36-36 drum brake chambers, as well as disc plate packaging, all with no special rods required.


So, what does this mean for you? Increased performance with reduced lifecycle costs. The NEWAY ADZ series will take you not only where you want to go, but where you need to go.


  • LSZ13 – 13,500 Lbs. Capacity
  • LSZ20 – 20,000 Lbs. Capacity

Each model of the NEWAY LSZ features best-in-class benefits, including compact size, stability, durability, and ease of maintenance, all while remaining one of the lightest steerable lift axles in the industry.

Today’s body-builders and fleet owners constantly deal with limited chassis space. With new and upcoming EPA emission requirements, that chassis space is becoming even more limited; fuel tanks, air tanks, and wet tanks are all competing for space on your front chassis.

The forward-thinking engineers at SAF-Holland fight the space challenge head-on, and conquered it, with the creation of a steerable lift axle series with multiple best-in-class, unique features, all delivered in a package size that is the smallest in the industry.


The LSZ series suspensions take up less space than any competitor’s steer axles on the market; and, unlike most competitors, the LSZ does not require support structures in front of the frame brackets, saving you even more valuable space. This additional frame rail space allows extra room for mounting tanks and other components. It also means easier installation on vehicles with already limited chassis space.

SAF-Holland understands that time is money so, not only is the NEWAY LSZ now easier to install, it’s easier to service as well. Starting with a durable king pin assembly, this advanced spherical bearing design provides for reduced downtime, and easy serviceability. The design eliminates thrust bearings, and the rebuild of the LSZ requires less than half the time of traditional designs. The LSZ design also replaces traditional air springs with rugged Super Chambers. Unlike air springs, the Super Chambers are mounted above the suspension arms to protect against impact. The Super Chambers are not prone to puncture, have a longer service life, are positioned for easy access, and provide best-in-class lift speed (4 seconds to lift and retract) and reliability. Resistant to damage, more reliable, and easy to maintain; this combination means the NEWAY LSZ goes the extra mile to maximizing uptime.


Not only does the LSZ take up less space on your vehicle and increase uptime, but the driver benefits have increased as well! The unique angle of rolling-lobe air springs offer best-in-class stability and ride performance so you can ride with confidence when traversing even the roughest of job sites. The unique outset design of the LSZ suspension arms create a wider stance that further increases stability. The durable fabricated axle not only reduces maintenance, but it also has excellent ground clearance,  so traversing rough terrain with large obstacles won’t be an issue. Drivers will also notice that the tune steering damper system of the LSZ minimizes wheel shimmy, and provides powerful self-centering when retracting the axle.


Significant chassis space-savings, maximized uptime, and performance features to keep drivers happy, the LSZ series brings something for everyone, and is engineered to provide immeasurable benefits to your operation.

This page lays out only a small introduction to each line of products NEWAY has to offer. To view their full selection, visit NEWAY’s website.

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