Tarp System is an arching mechanism, featuring two long posts joined with a roll of mesh or solid material, that is used to cover the payload of any loose material in a dump truck or otherwise.


It’s possible that the only reason you’re getting a tarp system is because you don’t want to get a ticket for having your truck’s load uncovered. Purchasing a custom tarp system will guarantee that you’re not going to be breaking any laws when traveling down the highway. You will be able to make sure that your load is completely up to code.


A very important part of your tarp system is knowing what type of trailer you will be using. A mechanic will be able to design a tarp system for flat beds, dump bodies, and double drop trailers. If you feel a certain feature will increase your tarp system’s efficiency, you will be able to have it customized. Do not think that your needs are too specific; because, it is very possible that your exact needs might be solved by a perfectly customized tarp system.

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