As the world’s foremost rail technology company, the Wabtec Corporation will lead the way in creating a more sustainable freight and passenger transportation network with values based on safety, innovation for customers, operational excellence, and teamwork.

Wabtec operates under two financial reporting segments: Freight segment, which includes Equipment, Components, Services and Digital Intelligence; and the Transit segment, which includes Equipment and Aftermarket Services.

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Wabtec locomotives literally move the world with a comprehensive and integrated set of best-in-class products and technologies that deliver unmatched reliability and efficiency for customers across the globe.

Wabtec offers the world’s most comprehensive and competitive locomotive portfolio. Choosing the right product and configuration for a railroad requires an intimate understanding of customer needs linked to the product’s features and benefits that will unlock the best life-cycle value.

Wabtec is a comprehensive, worldwide resource for locomotive needs. From supplying a vast array of quality electronic, mechanical and pneumatic components to offering customized inventory management, Wabtec’s capabilities extend across all railway-industry disciplines. Wabtec is a technology leader in electronic braking and positive train control, delivering railroads safety, productivity and efficiency improvements. Skilled Wabtec technicians provide everything from routine maintenance and repair services to complete locomotive rebuilds, upgrades and overhauls. Wabtec builds new commuter and low-horsepower, low-emissions switcher locomotives, and also provides full-service locomotive fleet maintenance.

Wabtec’s singular strength lies in our ability to tap this wide spectrum of products, technologies and services and direct them toward solving specific locomotive needs. This integrated, comprehensive approach to problem solving is unique in the industry. Wabtec’s unmatched resources and technological depth result in direct, carefully considered, highly productive, and timely solutions.


Wabtec offers an unmatched offering of freight car components and services. Our reputation for developing advanced braking equipment for freight cars is unsurpassed. No other supplier has more experience or has made more distinguished contributions in improving safety, reliability or productivity.

The primary markets we serve include global railroads, private car owners, OEM car builders, freight car repair and leasing companies.


ABDX Control Valve, Receivers & Access Plates, Automated Single-Car Test Devices, Empty/Load Equipment, Valves & Cocks, Brake Cylinders & Reservoirs, Fittings, Hoses & Couplings, Hand Brakes, Truck-Mounted Brake Systems, Slack Adjusters, Rigging, Brake Shoes, ECP, and Miscellaneous Components.


Side Frames & Bolsters, Wheels & Axles, Springs, Bearing Adapters & Shear Pads, Friction Wedges, Side Bearings, Wear Prevention, Center Plates, and Miscellaneous Components.


Coupler Systems, Drat Gears, Cushioning Units, SAC-1 (Spherical Articulated Connector), and Miscellaneous Components.


Hatch Cover Systems, Outlet Gate Systems, Car Body Parts & Fabrications, Autorack Solutions, and Other Freight Car Parts.

Wabtec’s singular strength lies in their ability to tap this wide spectrum of products, technologies and services and direct them toward solving specific locomotive needs. This integrated, comprehensive approach to problem solving is unique in the industry. Wabtec’s unmatched resources and technological depth result in direct, carefully considered, highly productive, and timely solutions.


At Wabtec, they move the world. Their solutions help customers deliver goods and services with greater speed and greater savings using advanced manufacturing techniques, industry expertise and connected machines.

Wabtec provides tailored solutions for each customer’s operating needs, fleet strategy, and changing business trends. The Wabtec team helps customers achieve their desired business outcomes which are delivered through a multi-year service agreement (MSA). 

Wabtec’s ongoing flexibility rebalances service solutions to meet changing business environments and needs for the continued success of the customer.


  • Expert on Alert
  • Power Advisor


  • Maintenance Consulting Services
  • OEM Quality Aftermarket Parts
  • Parts & Inventory Management
  • Smart Shop*


  • Advanced Adhesion Solutions
  • Advanced Coolant Level Sensors and Cooling Health
  • Advanced Self-Load Outbound Test
  • Automatic Engine Start and Stop Systems
  • Fuel and Emissions Solutions

*Smart Shop is an integrated solution comprised of eServices, remote monitoring and diagnostics solutions (including Expert on Alert and manual locomotive fault downloads), analytics-based work-scopes, and best practice Service Shop management processes.


Wabtec combines decades of industrial leadership with cutting-edge software and digital technologies to create an efficient, productive and reliable transportation ecosystem. Wabtec is here to help railroads, shippers, miners, ports and terminals unlock productivity, advance sustainability, and create pathways to optimized operations while enhancing safety.


Save fuel and reduce emissions. Improve train handling. Increase situational awareness. And enhance train automation.


Proactively inspect and monitor the health of rolling stock assets. Scale reliability and availability across your fleet.


Enhance the safety of train movement and optimize the flow of traffic.


Increase train hauling capacity by enabling longer, heavier trains. Improve productivity at yards and mainline using remote control.


Optimize railroad day-of-operations from planning through execution.


Automate and track railcar movements and switching operations. Gain visibility to rail assets – on the mainline and at ports.


Achieve new heights of operational performance. From brake systems to alternators, our solutions help to maximize results.


Improve efficiency and productivity while enabling safer mining practices with advanced software and analytics solutions.


Wabtec innovates to move the transit industry forward with solutions that deliver safety, efficiency and passenger comfort.

Wabtec deliver an integrated series of components for all types of rail and metro cars, as well as buses. Each of their products draws our deep experience in tailoring components to meet the specific needs of customers; manufactured using the latest technologies.

Wabtec’s advanced braking systems keep passengers safe while increasing efficiency for operators. Wabtec also offers a wide range of energy, comfort and access products related to train and platform doors, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Auxiliary Power Supplies (APS) and digitized passenger information systems. Even after purchase, Wabtec continues to support customers in optimizing the life cycle cost of their assets by providing engineering services, maintenance and spares, and by retrofitting equipment.


  • Bus Components
  • Doors & Accessibility
  • eBus Charging
  • Electric Power Collection
  • Passenger Information & Vehicle Security

Wabtec Bus Solutions represent the leading manufacturers in every category, from innovative passenger door systems to eBus charging components, from access ramps and wheelchair lifts, from high-performance air dryers and state-of-the-art video surveillance and communications. Each day, bus agencies and transportation providers are challenged to serve increasing numbers of passengers with a safe and seamless transportation experience.

The mission to provide on-time schedules, even in the harshest weather conditions, depends on the integrity and reliability of every component part and system. Wabtec’s commitment is to deliver extraordinary performance, unequaled reliability and lasting value for their customers and the communities they serve.


  • Braking Systems
  • Couplers & Draft Gears
  • Door & Access Solutions
  • Driving Monitoring & Recording
  • Electrical Solutions
  • HVAC Comfort & Systems
  • Passenger Information & Video Security
  • Power Collection
  • Power & Auxiliary Energy Solutions
  • Sanitation Systems
  • Suspension & Vibration Control

Wabtec’s leverages decades of rail transit expertise to bring our customers solutions that are safer, smarter and greener.

Wabtec products and services serve all types of rail transit, from high speed trains to regional networks and metro systems. With an integrated series of components, manufactured using advanced technologies, Wabtec products are designed to meet the customers’ needs for safety, energy efficiency and reliability; and, with transit operators increasingly focused on total lifecycle cost, it’s important to support long-term asset performance with engineering services, and by providing spare parts, maintenance and retrofitting.

Wabtec helps customers meet their safety objectives with braking systems for mass transit that offer high braking distance accuracy, and train doors that reduce accidents and delays. Patented solutions for HVAC systems reduce energy use and improve passenger comfort, while our digitized information systems keep passengers informed in real time, and enhance security. Wabtec innovations have a common purpose: to move the rail transit industry forward.


With 100+ years of industry experience, Wabtec has deep expertise in the mining industry. Their solutions are catered specifically to meet your business objectives in a productive and an efficient manner.

Mining is an important industry. It plays a vital role in the global economy. It is also an industry that faces challenges, such as the need for greater safety, the adoption of smart technologies and a focus on sustainability. In order to address these challenges, many mining companies adopt a safer, smarter, and greener approach to their operations. 


  • Collision Awareness (CAS)
  • Advanced Monitoring & Sensing
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Operations Performance Management
  • Services Management
  • Value Chain Optimization
  • Workforce Transformation


  • Electric Drive Systems
  • Power & Data Transfer

This has been a small presentation of the products and services that Wabtec provides. For further details, visit their website. If you have seen enough, and would like to upgrade your railway operations through Wabtec, request a quote to be put in touch with a qualified salesman.

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